“Li­ve In Ma­ni­la” DVD- Blu-ray + 2 CDs Ea­gle Rock En­ter­tain­men­tU­ni­ver­sal Mu­sic

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Apa­re­ci­do ori­gi­nal­men­te en DVD en el 2009, el di­rec­to de JOUR­NEY “Li­ve In Ma­ni­la” se­rá re­edi­ta­do el 9 de sep­tiem­bre a tra­vés de Ea­gle Rock En­ter­tain­ment. Es­tos son los te­mas que in­clu­ye: In­tro Med­ley: The Jour­ney (Re­ve­la­tion)/Ma­jes­tic, Ne­ver Walk Away, Only The Young, Ask The Lo­nely, Sto­ne In Lo­ve, Keep On Run­nin’, Af­ter All The­se Years, Chan­ge For The Bet­ter, Wheel In The Sky, Lights, Still They Ri­de, Open Arms, Mot­her, Fat­her, Wil­dest Dream, When You Lo­ve e A Wo­man, Se­pa­ra­te Ways (Worlds Apart), What I Nee­ded, Ed­ge Of The Bla­de, Whe­re Did I Lo­se Your Lo­ve, Es­ca­pe, Faith­fully, Don’t Stop Be­lie­vin’, Any Way You Want It, Lo­vin’, Tou­chin’, Squee­zin’, Turn Down The World To­night, Be Good To Your­self, The Jour­ney

(Re­ve­la­tion) (cré­di­tos). Es­ta­rá dis­po­ni­ble en DVD + 2CD, Blu-ray + 2CD, y for­ma­to di­gi­tal. Es­ta se­rá la pri­me­ra vez que el lan­za­mien­to se edi­ta en au­dio. La ac­tua­ción se fil­mó en 4K HD el 14 de mar­zo de 2009 en el SM Mall Of Asia de Ma­ni­la, Fi­li­pi­nas.

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