SEPE of­fi­ces in San Se­bas­tian

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The ground and first floor of a re­si­den­tial buil­ding in a neigh­bour­hood re­cently crea­ted must be re­for­med to lo­ca­te the of­fi­ces of SPEE, the Spa­nish pu­blic ser­vi­ce of em­ploy­ment sup­port. The pro­ject at­tends to ex­press and ta­ke ad­van­ta­ge of that mul­ti­ple na­tu­re of light. A cen­tral ver­ti­cal spa­ce is fi­lled with whi­te light re­flec­ting pa­nels to bat­he the heart of the of­fi­ces with pu­re, clean and den­se light. A trans­pa­rent sky­light over the whi­te pla­nes allows to un­ders­tand the in­te­rior of the block and to va­lue the te­rra­ces and the do­mes­tic pre­sen­ces of the dwe­llings that oc­cupy the top floors of the block. The pe­ri­me­ter rein­for­ces the pre­sen­ce of na­tu­ral light with a blue glass fa­ca­de moun­ted on a black steel struc­tu­re. Per­fo­ra­ted wood pa­nels fil­ter the in­co­ming light and pro­tect the of­fi­ces of the do­mi­nan­ce of views from out­si­de. The fa­ca­de is the he­te­ro­ge­neo­us light of San Se­bas­tian lands­ca­pe. The na­tu­ral chan­ging light is not sur­pri­sing but fa­mi­liar. Gui­de cir­cu­la­tions and draw pla­ces of stay or re­la­tions­hip. It al­so gi­ves the pu­blic di­men­sion that re­qui­res the ins­ti­tu­tion: it ma­kes the pla­ce a spa­ce for ever­yo­ne.

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