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Spa­nish fo­reign tra­de ins­ti­tu­te ICEX Es­pa­ña Ex­por­ta­ción e In­ver­sio­nes has been at its new pre­mi­ses at num­ber 278 Pa­seo de la Cas­te­lla­na, Ma­drid sin­ce April. Re­lo­ca­ting its head­quar­ters to the nort­hern end of the ca­pi­tal’s cen­tral bou­le­vard has allo­wed the or­ga­ni­sa­tion to bring its for­mer fi­ve si­tes in Ma­drid un­der one roof, hel­ping to rai­se or­ga­ni­sa­tio­nal ef­fi­ciency and gi­ving it a mo­re uni­fied feel. The mo­ve was dri­ven by the desire to com­bi­ne all the Se­cre­ta­riat of Sta­te for Tra­de’s bu­si­ness in­ter­na­tio­na­li­sa­tion ins­ti­tu­tions and com­pa­nies on a sin­gle si­te. The ob­jec­ti­ve? To gi­ve com­pa­nies a sin­gle point of con­tact when see­king Go­vern­ment sup­port for fo­reign tra­de. What is mo­re, the buil­ding is al­so ho­me to sta­te-ow­ned firms Ex­pan­sión Ex­te­rior and Co­fi­des, ma­king it a ge­nui­ne one-stop shop for lo­cal com­pa­nies loo­king to ex­pand abroad.

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