Geo­de buil­ding, Bar­ce­lo­na

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“This is both an of­fi­ce buil­ding with spa­ce to let and a hu­ge glass geo­de.” That was how ar­chi­tect Oc­ta­vio Mes­tre des­cri­bed this long-run­ning pro­ject that ex­plo­res glass’s pro­per­ties and uses in depth. The brief in­clu­ded, among ot­her things, a chan­ge of fa­ca­de to gi­ve the buil­ding a mo­re con­tem­po­rary look and turn it in­to Co­lo­nial’s new flags­hip. Oc­ta­vio Mes­tre had no he­si­ta­tion in ma­king the buil­ding en­ve­lo­pe the pro­ject’s leit­mo­tiv. Most work fo­cu­sed on trans­for­ming the fa­ca­des, which nee­ded to allow var­ying de­grees of trans­pa­rency. Along the length of the buil­ding’s street-fa­cing si­des run me­tal wings that evo­ke the veins of a li­ving being, which is how the buil­ding is con­cei­ved. Tho­se veins, which cross from floor to floor, crea­te a sen­se of the buil­ding as an et­he­real se­ries of over­laid ho­ri­zon­tal works­pa­ces illu­mi­na­ted at night by LED ligh­ting. Thus, when dark­ness falls it be­co­mes a light box, a glit­te­ri­ng geo­de.

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