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[1]Ru­bio-Se­nent,F.,etal., New phe­no­lic com­pounds hy­drot­her­mally ex­trac­ted from the oli­ve oil by­pro­duct al­pe­ru­jo and their an­ti­oxi­da­ti­ve ac­ti­vi­ties. Jour­nal of Agri­cul­tu­ral and Food Che­mistry, 2012.60 (5): p.1175-1186.

[2] Ci­ri­min­na, R., etal., Ex­trac­tion, be­ne­fits and­val ori­za­tion of oli­ve polyp­he­nols. Eu­ro­pean Jour­nal of Li­pid Scien­ce and Tech­no­logy, 2016.118 (4): p.503-511.

[3] Se­rrano, A., et al., Oli­ve mill so­lid was­te bio­re­fi­nery: High-tem­pe­ra­tu­re ther­mal pre-treat­ment for phe­nol re­co­very and bio­met­ha­ni­za­tion. Jour­nal of Clea­ner Pro­duc­tion, 2017.148: p .314-323.

[4] Co­mi­sion Eu­ro­pea. Re­port on the im­ple­men­ta­tion of the Cir­cu­lar Eco­nomy Ac­tion Plan .26 Enero 2017.

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