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USA - Den­zel Washington hit the bull­seye again. The Mag­ni­fi­cent Se­ven, the Os­car­win­ner’s first wes­tern, top­ped the box of­fi­ce, pic­king up a so­lid $35 mil­li­on. Hol­ly­wood’s star sy­s­tem has shri­ve­led in the past de­ca­de, with few new ta­lents emer­ging to re­a­ni­ma­te the ranks and stand alongsi­de Leo and Ju­lia and Jo­h­n­ny and Ge­or­ge and Brad. So­me of their stars ha­ve dim­med, but Washington’s still shi­nes brightly. He hasn’t had a film open to less than $20 mil­li­on sin­ce 2007’s The Gre­at De­ba­ters. The Mag­ni­fi­cent Se­ven ea­si­ly snag­ged the crown from Sul­ly, the re­tel­ling of the “Mi­ra­cle on the Hud­son” lan­ding that top­ped the box of­fi­ce for two weeks. The dra­ma slid to third pla­ce. Stor­ks, an ani­ma­ted co­me­dy from War­ner Bros., ca­me in se­cond with $21.8 mil­li­on. The film cen­ters on a group of stor­ks who ha­ve tran­si­ti­o­ned from ba­by de­li­ve­ring to hau­ling pack­a­ges for an e-com­mer­ce be­he­moth. An­dy Sam­berg, Kel­sey Gram­mer, Jen­ni­fer Anis­ton, Kee­gan-Mi­chael Key, and Jor­dan Pee­le are among the re­cog­ni­za­ble voi­ces pro­vi­ding so­me of the film’s au­ral tex­tu­re. But The Mag­ni­fi­cent Se­ven counts as a win for the com­pa­ny. It al­so pro­ves the vi­a­bi­li­ty of re­ma­king ol­der films, pro­vi­ded the­re is so­me no­vel spin to pro­vi­de. In this ca­se, Washington and di­rec­tor An­toi­ne Fu­qua, we­re ab­le to sta­ge bal­le­tic shoot­outs that ri­va­led tho­se in Jo­hn Stur­ges’ ori­gi­nal 1960 film. They al­so play­ed up the di­ver­si­ty of their cast, roun­ding out the cast of mer­ce­na­ries with South Ko­rean ac­tor Byung-hun Lee, Mexi­can ac­tor Ma­nu­el Gar­cia-Rul­fo, and Na­ti­ve Ame­ri­can ac­tor Mar­tin Sens­mei­er. That mul­ti-cul­tu­ral as­pect see­med to re­so­na­te in a post-#Os­carsSoWhi­te era. So­ny Pic­tu­res dis­tri­bu­ted The Mag­ni­fi­cent Se­ven and teamed with MGM, LStar Ca­pi­tal, and Vil­la­ge Road­s­how to fi­nan­ce the $90 mil­li­on pro­duc­ti­on. Brid­get Jo­nes’s Ba­by took fourth pla­ce with $4.5 mil­li­on, pus­hing the ro­man­tic co­me­dy’s do­mestic to­tal to a lac­k­lus­ter $16.5 mil­li­on af­ter two weeks of re­lea­se. Blair Witch roun­ded out the top fi­ve, earning just un­der $4 mil­li­on and brin­ging its to­tal to rough­ly $16 mil­li­on. (for­tu­ne)

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