PO­LI­CE OF­fiCERS ON STRIKE against the heat

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The Su­ri­na­me­se Po­li­ce Union (SPB) this week in­struc­ted its mem­bers to go on strike against the heat. The po­li­ce of­ficers at po­li­ce sta­ti­ons lo­ca­ted at Uit­vlugt, Pa­ra­ma­ri­bi Cen­ter and Pa­ra­di­se (Nickerie Dis­trict) ha­ve re­por­ted­ly been sit­ting out­si­de of po­li­ce sta­ti­ons from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. sin­ce Mon­day. The po­li­ce of­ficers will not fill in any re­ports du­ring the strike. The union ma­de the de­ci­si­on in res­pon­se to the ex­tre­me heat that has been me­a­su­red at the 3 po­li­ce sta­ti­ons. The Pa­ra­di­se Po­li­ce Sta­ti­on does not ha­ve a sin­gle air­con­di­ti­o­ning unit whi­le the on­es at the other two sta­ti­ons are out of or­der. The union poin­ted out that the ACs which bro­ke down se­ve­r­al weeks ago still ha­ve not been fixed yet. The po­li­ce of­ficers will res­pond to calls but will not do any work in­si­de the of­fi­ces du­ring the hot hours. The po­li­ce union met with Po­li­ce and Jus­ti­ce Mi­nis­ter Jen­ni­fer van DijkSi­los se­ve­r­al ti­mes last week and the top of­fi­ci­als within the Po­li­ce For­ce Su­ri­na­me (KPS) to dis­cuss the wret­ched cir­cum­stan­ces un­der which the po­li­ce of­ficers ha­ve to work. Mi­nis­ter Van Dijk-Si­los poin­ted out that the Fi­re De­part­ment Su­ri­na­me (KBS) has al­rea­dy as­ses­sed the si­tu­a­ti­on at the Uit­vlugt Po­li­ce Sta­ti­on. The union ma­de it clear that it will in­ten­si­fy the cam­paign if the si­tu­a­ti­on does not chan­ge within 48 hours.

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