$1 cur­rent­ly costs less than SRD 8

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

The ex­chan­ge ra­te for the Ame­ri­can dol­lar has re­por­ted­ly drop­ped be­low SRD 8. Re­ports in­di­ca­te that the pri­ce for one US dol­lar drop­ped be­low SRD 8 se­ve­r­al days ago. The drop star­ted du­ring last week­end. Re­ports in­di­ca­te that lo­cal ex­chan­ge of­fi­ces or cam­bi­os sold one US dol­lar for SRD 7.95 and bought each dol­lar for SRD 7.60. Last week each dol­lar could be bought at the cam­bi­os for SRD 8.25 and sold to them for SRD 8.

The ex­chan­ge ra­te of the Eu­ro is al­so drop­ping. One Eu­ro re­por­ted­ly could be bought for SRD 8.90 and sold to cam­bi­os for SRD 8.50. About a week ago the pri­ce of the Eu­ro fluc­tu­a­ted abo­ve SRD 9. Cam­bio ow­ners as­su­red that they would sell fo­reign cur­r­en­cy to clients as long as they ha­ve en­ough in stock.

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