Is­rael’s Ne­ta­nya­hu in a spin over dir­ty laun­dry

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IS­RAEL - Ben­ja­min Ne­ta­nya­hu doe­sn’t want de­tails of his dir­ty laun­dry ai­red in pu­blic and he is suing his own of­fi­ce and Is­rael’s at­tor­ney ge­ne­ral to try to pre­vent it.

Legal do­cu­ments pu­blis­hed yes­ter­day showed that the pri­me mi­nis­ter, ci­ting a right to pri­va­cy, is as­king a Je­rusa­lem court to over­turn a de­ci­si­on to re­lea­se his laun­dry bills and tho­se of his fa­mi­ly un­der the coun­try’s Free­dom of In­for­ma­ti­on law. Is­rae­li me­dia ha­ve fo­cu­sed in the past on food and be­ve­r­a­ge ex­pen­ses at Ne­ta­nya­hu’s of­fi­ci­al and pri­va­te ho­mes. Three ye­ars ago, he drew flak over a $127,000 char­ge to fit a be­droom in­to a char­te­red pla­ne for a flight to Lon­don to at­tend the fu­ne­ral of for­mer Pri­me Mi­nis­ter Mar­ga­ret That­cher. The cur­rent ca­se in­vol­ves a re­quest by The Mo­ve­ment for Free­dom of In­for­ma­ti­on, a group see­king gre­a­ter pu­blic transpa­ren­cy in Is­rael, for de­tails of all sta­te-paid ex­pen­ses in Ne­ta­nya­hu’s pri­va­te ho­me and of­fi­ci­al re­si­den­ce in 2014. Ne­ta­nya­hu’s at­tor­neys ar­gue that the in­clu­si­on of laun­dry ex­pen­ses would be tan­ta­mount to “pee­ping” in­to his pri­va­te af­fairs, but Anat Re­vi­vo, who over­sees com­pli­an­ce with the Free­dom of In­for­ma­ti­on law at the pri­me mi­nis­ter’s of­fi­ce, main­tains that the pu­blic has a right to know. When Re­vi­vo con­sul­ted Is­rael’s at­tor­ney-ge­ne­ral on the mat­ter, he agreed.

Ne­ta­nya­hu was gi­ven ti­me to mount a legal chal­len­ge and on Mon­day fi­led a 27-pa­ge law­s­uit against Re­vi­vo and At­tor­ney-Ge­ne­ral Avi­chai Man­del­blit. In the pe­ti­ti­on, which the Mo­ve­ment for Free­dom of In­for­ma­ti­on posted on its web­si­te, Ne­ta­nya­hu’s la­wy­ers ci­ted Is­rael’s Pro­tec­ti­on of Pri­va­cy Law, as well as Bri­tain’s Hu­man Rights Act and the Eu­ro­pean Con­ven­ti­on on Hu­man Rights to sup­port their ca­se. “No one shall be sub­jec­ted to ar­bi­tra­ry in­ter­fe­ren­ce with his pri­va­cy, fa­mi­ly, ho­me or cor­res­pon­den­ce, nor to at­tacks on his ho­nor and re­puta­ti­on,” the law­s­uit said, quo­ting from the Eu­ro­pean tre­a­ty. No da­te has been set for a ru­ling.


Is­rae­li Pri­me Mi­nis­ter Ben­ja­min Ne­ta­nya­hu at­tends his wee­kly ca­bi­net mee­ting, at his of­fi­ce in Je­rusa­lem.(Pho­to: REU­TERS)

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