Chris Ram be­la­ted­ly tries to de­fend al­le­ga­ti­ons of bi­as in au­dit

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Fo­ren­sic Au­di­tor, Chris­top­her Ram is now den­ying that he tried to shield his clients when re­por­ting about the au­dit his ac­coun­ting firm—Ram and McRae—car­ried out in­to the af­fairs of the Na­ti­o­nal Fre­quen­cy Ma­na­ge­ment Unit (NFMU).

Ram, who is al­so known as an an­ti-cor­rup­ti­on ad­vo­ca­te, said that his firm has a re­puta­ti­on of trying to keep clients in check so he can­not un­der­stand why such an al­le­ga­ti­on would be le­ve­led against him. He said, “I do not try to pro­tect any client; if a client does wrong we let them know. We are of­ten ac­cu­sed of wor­king for the tax de­part­ment.” NFMU is clai­ming that Ram and McRae wil­l­ful­ly sha­ped the au­dit in a par­ti­cu­lar way and went be­yond trying to pro­tect a client—Sta­broek TV Inc. NFMU said that Ram de­li­be­ra­te­ly left out in­for­ma­ti­on about Sta­broek TV. When ori­gi­nal­ly con­tac­ted about the al­le­ga­ti­on le­ve­led against him, Ram ad­mit­ted that Sta­broek TV is a client of his. But when as­ked why he did not in­clu­de the is­sue in his re­port, Ram on­ly told Kai­e­teur News, “Go read the au­dit (re­port).” Ho­we­ver, Ram, the au­di­tor, has sin­ce of­fe­red an ex­pla­na­ti­on but his sto­ry is a bit con­fu­sing and con­tra­dic­to­ry. On one hand Ram is saying that he could not ha­ve poin­ted out Sta­broek’s debt be­cau­se it is client in­for­ma­ti­on that he did not see on NFMU’s books. But, on the other, he is saying that he is the one that poin­ted out the debt to NFMU. The au­di­tor said that NFMU is to be bla­med for Sta­broek TV Inc’s non ap­pe­a­ran­ce in the au­dit. Ram said, “They do not ha­ve it in their re­cords. Ac­tu­al­ly, it is I who whis­pe­red to the man how co­me, be­cau­se if it is not in their re­cords I can­not go and talk about it on what I know from one client to ano­ther.”


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