Two bomb at­tacks ta­ke pla­ce in Dres­den

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GERMANY - Two se­pa­ra­te bomb at­tacks took pla­ce in the Ger­man ci­ty of Dres­den Mon­day, ac­cor­ding to Saxo­ny po­li­ce. One of the at­tacks tar­ge­ted a mosque whi­le the se­cond tar­ge­ted the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Con­gress Cen­ter of Dres­den. No in­ju­ries ha­ve been re­por­ted from the two ho­me ma­de de­vi­ces, on­ly pro­per­ty da­ma­ge, po­li­ce ad­ded. The first ex­plo­si­on was re­por­ted on Mon­day and the se­cond, which af­fec­ted the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Con­gress Cen­ter, was re­por­ted se­ve­r­al mi­nu­tes la­ter. Po­li­ce say they be­lie­ve the at­tacks we­re re­la­ted. “Both at­tacks hap­pe­ned in the sa­me ti­me. Alt­hough no one clai­med res­pon­si­bi­li­ty for the in­ci­dent, we must ha­ve to con­si­der a xe­n­op­ho­bic mo­ti­ve for the at­tack,” Horst Kretz­sch­mar, the ci­ty’s po­li­ce chief in Dres­den said in a sta­te­ment, ad­ding that po­li­ce we­re on high alert.

Over­night, Kretz­sch­mar had de­ploy­ed po­li­ce per­son­nel to pro­tect Isla­mic in­sti­tu­ti­ons in Dres­den, as well as the Tur­kish Ge­ne­ral Coun­cil. “The at­tack might al­so be re­le­vant to the Ger­man Uni­ty Day, which will be ce­le­bra­ted next week­end,” he said.


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