Cops hunt ex-phantom in mur­der of Cum­mings Lod­ge ven­dor

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

Po­li­ce are loo­king for Da­mi­on Hopk­in­son for ques­ti­o­ning in­to the 2mur­der of Ani­ta Mohan, who was found ly­ing in a pool of blood on the lo­wer flat of her ho­me lo­ca­ted at Lot 315 Cum­mings Lod­ge, East Coast De­me­ra­ra on Sep­tem­ber 4.

Hopk­in­son, 27, of mixed ra­ce, was last known to li­ve at Lot 55 In­du­stry, East Coast De­me­ra­ra. On Sep­tem­ber 8, the nep­hew of the de­cea­sed, Ke­vin Mohan, al­so known as ‘Chuc­ky’, was char­ged with her mur­der, com­mit­ted du­ring the cour­se of a rob­be­ry. The ac­cu­sed had ap­pe­a­red be­fo­re Ma­gi­stra­te Za­mil­la Al­ly-Seepaul in the Vi­gi­lan­ce Ma­gi­stra­te’s Court, whe­re he was not re­qui­red to plead to the ca­pi­tal of­fen­ce. Ac­cor­ding to re­ports, the ac­cu­sed told po­li­ce that he and his friend “ac­ci­den­tal­ly” kil­led Ani­ta Mohan, 48, a ven­dor. He re­por­ted­ly told de­tec­ti­ves that he and a friend had go­ne to the wo­man’s ho­me in the day to pur­cha­se ma­rij­u­a­na. Ho­we­ver, the ac­cu­sed said that when they re­tur­ned la­ter in the day for mo­re of the il­li­cit drug an ar­gu­ment en­sued bet­ween them and his aunt over pay­ment.

One of them is re­por­ted to ha­ve struck the wo­man on the head with a rol­ling pin, which was re­co­ver­ed in a bloody sta­te, by de­tec­ti­ves. A post mor­tem exa­mi­na­ti­on per­for­med on the wo­man’s remains re­ve­a­led that she died from mul­ti­ple in­ju­ries.


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