So­za­vo de­nies la­te pay­ments child al­lo­wan­ce in Wa­ni­ca

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The Mi­ni­stry of So­ci­al Af­fairs and Hou­sing (So­za­vo) re­cent­ly de­nied that the­re is a de­lay in the pay­ments of child al­lo­wan­ce in the Wa­ni­ca Dis­trict. The AUSV de­part­ment of the mi­ni­stry will re­por­ted­ly start with the pay­ments of 2015 in the Wa­ni­ca Dis­trict on Oc­to­ber 3. The ac­ting head of the AUSV, Mon­che Atom­pai, ma­de it clear in the mi­ni­stry’s press re­lea­se that the­re is de­lay in the pay­ment of ge­ne­ral child al­lo­wan­ce (AKB). Ac­cor­ding to the cur­rent sy­s­tem, the Wa­ni­ca Dis­trict is the last dis­trict on the list be­cau­se it has the most hou­se­holds and be­cau­se it al­so has the fas­test gro­wing num­ber of child­ren. Re­ports in­di­ca­te that AKB was gi­ven to 19,008 in the Wa­ni­ca Dis­trict in 2015 and that SRD 10 mil­li­on was put asi­de for Wa­ni­ca’s AKB. So­za­vo ma­kes the pay­ments on­ce eve­ry year. Atom­pai ma­de it clear that the ac­cu­sa­ti­ons that sug­gest that the mo­ney does not end up in the hands of the less for­tu­na­te are not true. The AUSV is the mi­ni­stry’s bo­dy that is tas­ked with ma­king the AKB pay­ments and clear pro­ce­du­res must be fol­lo­wed when pay­ments are ma­de. MP Kris­h­na Hus­sai­na­li-Ma­t­hoe­ra (VHP) had pre­vious­ly in­di­ca­ted that the­re was a pay­ment is­sue with the AKB in the Wa­ni­ca Dis­trict. She ex­plai­ned that the pe­o­p­le nee­ded the mo­ney ur­gent­ly es­pe­ci­al­ly now that ma­ny of them ha­ve been hit hard by the eco­no­mic cri­sis. The VHP le­gis­la­tor ma­de it clear that the pay­ments of sta­te child al­lo­wan­ce must ta­ke pla­ce on ti­me. She poin­ted out that SRD 800 mil­li­on was ap­pro­ved for So­za­vo’s bud­get but that the mi­ni­stry ne­vert­he­less has hu­ge de­lays in AKB pay­ments. She al­so poin­ted out that the mo­ney does not end up in the hands of the less for­tu­na­te who re­al­ly need it.

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