Ber­bi­ce teen ac­cu­sed, two others at­tempt New Amsterdam Pri­son break

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The 17-year-old, who was char­ged and sub­se­quent­ly re­mand­ed for the gru­e­so­me tri­ple-mur­der at Black Bush in Ber­bi­ce so­me months ago, was part of a trio who at­temp­ted to es­ca­pe the con­fi­nes of the New Amsterdam Pri­son on Tues­day.

Alt­hough the de­tails are so­me­what sketchy, a po­li­ce sour­ce told this pu­bli­ca­ti­on that the teen, Jai­ram Che­tram; a priso­ner iden­ti­fied as “Spur­wing” and “Bood­hoo (on­ly na­me sup­plied), tried to es­ca­ped the jail­hou­se by go­ing through the roof. Their plans we­re foi­led af­ter their mo­ve­ments we­re re­cog­ni­zed by the ranks sta­ti­o­ned at the to­wer. The three are all mur­der ac­cu­sed. An alarm was sub­se­quent­ly rai­sed and the men we­re cap­tu­red and se­cu­red. Ef­forts to con­tact the re­le­vant au­tho­ri­ties to shed so­me mo­re light on the mat­ter we­re fu­ti­le. Ac­cor­ding to re­ports, Jai­ram Che­tram and his fa­ther Carl­ton Che­tram, along with three others al­le­gedly mur­de­red Pa­wan Chandra­deo, Na­resh Roop­lall and Jai­kar­ran Chandra­deo at Cookri­te Sa­van­nah, Black Bush Pol­der. The New Amsterdam Pri­son is no stran­ger when it co­mes to jail­breaks or at­temp­ted jail­breaks. Re­ports in the past would con­firm that back in 2008 se­ve­r­al in­ma­tes we­re in a cell when one re­quested to use the toi­let and as soon as the cell was ope­ned, the pri­son of­fi­ci­al was poun­ced upon and re­lie­ved of his keys. He was then tied up with a bed sheet.

Howe­ver, the break­out was foi­led af­ter the priso­ners we­re spot­ted by an of­fi­cer who was at the ti­me in the yard. In 2010, a no­to­rious gang dub­bed the ‘Skel­d­on Crew’ which was ac­cu­sed of wrea­king ha­voc in the New Amsterdam Pri­son we­re for­ced to abort their plan to es­ca­pe the jail­hou­se. Pri­son of­fi­cers we­re tip­ped off when a search was con­duc­ted and se­ve­r­al sharp im­ple­ments and steel bars we­re dis­co­ver­ed. Back in 2011, four in­ma­tes we­re dis­co­ver­ed mis­sing from the pri­son when their cells we­re un­lock­ed to al­low them to emp­ty their uten­sils of bo­dy was­te. The year 2015 saw two re­mand priso­ners es­ca­ping from the pri­son. The duo had ma­na­ged to get down from the top flat of a buil­ding in the com­pound of the Pri­son with bed sheets be­fo­re jum­ping over a pe­ri­me­ter fen­ce out­fit­ted with ra­zor wi­re.


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