Mo­re scam­pis­h­ness hap­pe­ning to de ten­der le­vel

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When Rohee seh that cri­me back on de ri­se he know wha he was saying. Up un­til he open he mouth de pla­ce was qui­et ex­cept fuh de one, one stu­pid­ness. He know bout cri­me and he got friends who know bout cri­me.

From de ti­me he talk is li­ke war break. Gun­men co­ming from east, west, north and south, and all of dem tac­kling old pe­o­p­le. Rum Jat­tan who had a plan fuh deal wid cri­mi­nals look li­ke if he run out of ide­as be­cau­se dem boys now tac­kling pe­o­p­le in broad day­light in de he­art of de ci­ty and get­ting away. Jag­deo did spend mil­li­ons of dol­lars pun CCTV. De idea was to see when cri­me tek pla­ce. Well, dem boys seh that it look li­ke if dem ca­me­ras blind and on­ly dem that de pri­va­te pe­o­p­le set up wuk­king. A young man get shoot at a nights­pot and de ca­me­ras mek de po­li­ce know is who right away. A Cu­ban la­dy get shoot and rob right wheh a ca­me­ra si­tu­a­te in de ci­ty and de po­li­ce ain’t see nut­ten. Rum Jat­tan must ex­plain. Just li­ke how dem boys want de pe­o­p­le in de ten­der board to ex­plain how a man get de wa­ter con­tract and de pe­o­p­le ain’t even look at de bids. This is one si­tu­a­ti­on that dem boys got a spe­ci­al in­te­rest. Fuh star­ters, de bid is not de lo­west. At de sa­me ti­me it look li­ke a joint ven­tu­re but pe­o­p­le know that all de mo­ney co­ming from one com­pa­ny. Dem boys hear that de man who co­ming to eva­lu­a­te de ten­ders was clo­se to one of de bid­ders. In fact, de bid­der pick him up at de air­port and put him up. That is how dem boys know who get de con­tract fuh de well. Soul­ja Bai sit down in he cor­ner and tal­king bout transpa­ren­cy. This si­tu­a­ti­on so transpa­rent that dem boys see­ing all de scam­pis­h­ness that tek­king pla­ce. It ain’t too la­te fuh pe­o­p­le pull back but when you tek pe­o­p­le mo­ney is dange­rous and a tric­ky thing. Ask de pe­o­p­le at GECOM. Talk half and watch to see how de wa­ter con­tract play out. (Kai­e­teur­

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