CLAD re­port men­ti­ons pos­si­ble frau­du­lent pur­cha­ses

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The Mi­ni­stry of Jus­ti­ce and Po­li­ce (Jus­pol) has gi­ven se­ve­r­al of its em­ploy­ees the op­por­tu­ni­ty to de­fend their ac­ti­ons du­ring the pe­ri­od when Ed­ward Belfort ran the mi­ni­stry. A re­port from the Cen­tral Au­dit Of­fi­ce (CLAD) men­ti­o­ned se­ve­r­al pos­si­ble frau­du­lent pur­cha­ses that we­re ma­de in the pe­ri­od 2014-2015. Ac­ting Di­rec­tor Humphrey Tjin Liep Shie poin­ted out that the re­port in­di­ca­tes that the mi­ni­stry ma­de se­ve­r­al pur­cha­ses but that the goods we­re 100% mo­re ex­pen­si­ve than the pri­ces in the lo­cal sto­res. The pe­o­p­le at the mi­ni­stry who sig­ned off on the pur­cha­ses ha­ve been told that they must ac­count for their ac­ti­ons. They must ex­plain why they cho­se to pur­cha­se goods at cer­tain com­pa­nies at high pri­ces. The sta­te em­ploy­ees who can’t gi­ve a clear ex­pla­na­ti­on will fa­ce dis­ci­pli­na­ry ac­ti­on.

Tjin Liep Shie ex­plai­ned that the fraud­sters ma­na­ged to avoid ha­ving to ask the Coun­cil of Mi­nis­ters for per­mis­si­on by ma­king pur­cha­ses that we­re be­low SRD 4,000. Sour­ces told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that mi­nis­ters are au­tho­ri­zed to sanc­ti­on pur­cha­ses that are be­low SRD 4,000. But in or­der to bend this ru­le, so­me fraud­sters di­vi­de the pur­cha­se in se­ve­r­al por­ti­ons by pre­ten­ding that they ma­de se­ve­r­al pur­cha­ses whi­le they in fact pur­cha­sed the sa­me pro­duct.

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