Pri­ma­ry school out­laws run­ning in the playground

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ENGLAND - Child­ren ha­ve been ban­ned from run­ning in the playground by a pri­ma­ry school, in an in­ter­ven­ti­on la­bel­led ‘ri­di­cu­lous’ by pa­rents. Te­a­chers at Hil­lfort Pri­ma­ry School in Lis­ke­ard, Corn­wall, brought in the ban af­ter child­ren kept on ‘en­ding up in first aid’ - and in­stead put on ac­ti­vi­ties such as sand play, a choir and Lego.

But pa­rents ha­ve con­dem­ned the school for using he­alth and sa­fe­ty as an ex­cu­se to ‘re­mo­ve the li­ber­ty to spon­ta­neous­ly run in the playground’. Pa­rent Caro­li­ne Wills, who has a six-year-old daugh­ter in Year Two, told MailOn­li­ne to­day: ‘Kids will be kids. How far is the school go­ing to ta­ke this?

‘In this day and age kids are stop­ped from being kids in so ma­ny ways. They ha­ve got to be al­lo­wed to be child­ren.’ But Lee Jack­son, who has an eight-year-old son in Year Four at the school, said: ‘My son is al­ways fal­ling over and ban­ging his head and hurt­ing himself.

‘Ha­ving one area for play is a good idea, they’ve got the choi­ce.’ Child­ren ha­ve been dan­cing to the YMCA in­stead and the school re­por­ted a ‘30 per cent drop in first aid in­ci­dents and an 80 per cent drop in be­ha­vi­ou­ral in­ci­dents’.

A pe­ti­ti­on, which has mo­re than 150 sig­na­tu­res, was star­ted by Leah Brow­ning, 32, who­se son Ja­go at­tends the school. She said she was de­ligh­ted with the sup­port she had from other pa­rents and mem­bers of the lo­cal com­mu­ni­ty. qui­et then She told MailOn­li­ne: ‘I star­ted the pe­ti­ti­on be­cau­se I want my son and others to be ab­le to run du­ring ima­gi­na­ti­ve play in the playground. ‘It’s a big thing for a child of fi­ve to be coo­p­ed up all day. Run­ning re­lea­ses en­dorp­hins. In the news­let­ter the school ori­gi­nal­ly sent out, the is­sue see­med to be about bad be­ha­vi­our.

‘I felt this should be ad­dres­sed with the in­di­vi­du­al child­ren – the ma­jo­ri­ty shouldn’t be pe­na­li­sed for the be­ha­vi­our of the mi­no­ri­ty.’

But Ms Brow­ning said the he­ad­mas­ter has now co­me back to pa­rents ex­plai­ning that the new ar­ran­ge­ments do not ac­tu­al­ly mean a to­tal ban on run­ning.


Child­ren run at a playground. (Photo: wp)

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