Rob­be­ry/ mur­der sus­pect wan­ted $20,000 for me­di­cal tre­at­ment

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

29-year-old Zhang Qing­hua at his ar­raign­ment on Mon­day told the exa­mi­ning ju­d­ge that he was sup­po­sed to re­cei­ve $20,000 from 44-year-old Ye Xiang Xiang, ow­ner of a car parts and ti­re shop lo­ca­ted along the Coe­se­wij­ne­straat. He clai­med that he had al­rea­dy been paid $10,000. Zhang Qing­hua claims that he en­te­red Su­ri­na­me il­le­gal­ly via neigh­bo­ring Gu­y­a­na 3 ye­ars ago. He was hi­red by the vic­tim and told that he would re­cei­ve $10,000 an­nu­al­ly. But he had not re­cei­ve pay­ment for 2 ye­ars’ of la­bor. He clai­med that he wan­ted the mo­ney for me­di­cal tre­at­ment. The sus­pect re­por­ted­ly has a tu­mor in his head. On the day of the rob­be­ry/ mur­der he was in the vic­tim’s ho­me to ta­ke the mo­ney but the wo­man cau­ght him red-hand­ed. He then cut the wo­man’s thro­at with a knife. Po­li­ce re­ports in­di­ca­te that the wo­man was found dead in the buil­ding. The sus­pect claims that it was ne­ver his in­ten­ti­on to kill her. The sus­pect’s de­fen­se at­tor­ney, Vis­hal Ramb­ha­ros, con­fir­med that his client’s de­ten­ti­on has been ex­ten­ded with 30 days and poin­ted out that his client is ill be­cau­se of the tu­mor. Ramb­ha­ros will re­quest a psy­cho­lo­gi­cal and psy­chi­a­tric re­port. The sus­pect has re­por­ted­ly con­fes­sed to ha­ving kil­led the wo­man.

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