“No open goal for cri­mi­nals”

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Po­li­ce Com­mis­si­o­ner Ag­nes Da­niel de­nied that the po­li­ce for­ce is turning this way and that with its avai­la­ble tools to ade­qua­te­ly equip po­li­ce of­fi­cers against the cri­me wa­ve that is cur­rent­ly swee­ping the na­ti­on. Cri­mi­nals must not deem this a sign to ma­ke their mo­ve. “If the cri­mi­nals think that it is an open goal, they’ve got ano­ther thing co­ming,” said Da­niel who is of­fi­ci­al­ly the na­ti­on’s first fe­ma­le po­li­ce com­mis­si­o­ner. “The tools are li­mi­ted but the pe­o­p­le can still count on the po­li­ce as a re­sult of ad­di­ti­o­nal ef­forts that are being ma­de. The fact of the mat­ter is that we ha­ve li­mi­ted bud­gets. The­re are fe­wer po­li­ce cars to patrol the streets but that does not mean that the po­li­ce are not alert. The po­li­ce are al­ways pre­sent,” said Da­niel who ack­now­led­ged that the na­ti­on is cur­rent­ly fa­cing a cri­me wa­ve. The cau­se of this is not clear as it the­re has not been any re­search yet but she con­clu­ded that pe­o­p­le are cur­rent­ly less to­le­rant. “The to­le­ran­ce among the pe­o­p­le is dwind­ling. We are less to­le­rant of each other.” The po­li­ce com­mis­si­o­ner ma­de it clear that the po­li­ce for­ce is ef­fec­ti­ve­ly ta­king ac­ti­on against rob­bers with the avai­la­ble tools. “We are fa­cing se­rious chal­len­ges with li­mi­ted means. We are do­ing our best to get the job do­ne and our units are on the streets,” said Po­li­ce Com­mis­si­o­ner Ag­nes Da­niel. USA - When a spe­ci­al edu­ca­ti­on tea­cher was due to wed the im­por­tant man in her li­fe, she de­ci­ded that she sim­ply couldn’t do it wit­hout her class in at­ten­dan­ce.

Kin­sey French, of Louis­vil­le, Ken­tuc­ky, is a tea­cher at the Chris­ti­an Aca­de­my Pro­vi­den­ce School, which spe­ci­a­li­zes in speech and oc­cu­pa­ti­o­nal the­ra­py for child­ren with Down syn­dro­me.

And Kin­sey, being the de­di­ca­ted tea­cher that she is, knew that she nee­ded to ha­ve her stu­dents by her si­de when she mar­ried the lo­ve of her li­fe, Josh. ‘They we­re li­ke fa­mi­ly to me,’ Kin­sey told WLKY. ‘They we­re my first class and they’ve been my on­ly class, and so I knew I couldn’t ha­ve a spe­ci­al day wit­hout them.’ Dres­sed in their best, the child­ren sto­le the show at the event, hel­ping ma­ke the day all the mo­re spe­ci­al for their tea­cher.

The girls wo­re cream be­a­dem­broi­de­red

Kin­sey French stands next to her stu­dents. (Photo: dai­ly­mail.co.uk)

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