Kim Kar­das­hi­an’s bo­dy­guard fi­led for com­pa­ny bankrupt­cy

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USA - Kim Kar­das­hi­an’s bo­dy­guard fi­led for bankrupt­cy for his Ger­man se­cu­ri­ty com­pa­ny ten weeks ago with debts of mo­re than €1mil­li­on, MailOn­li­ne can re­ve­al.

Pas­cal Du­vier, 43, who was in a night­club when the star fell vic­tim to a £8.5mil­li­on heist as she slept alo­ne in her Pa­ris ho­tel, lod­ged a claim for com­pa­ny in­sol­ven­cy at Hei­del­berg ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­ve court on Ju­ly 22 this year.

His Ger­man Pro­tec­tSe­cu­ri­ty firm, which has run se­cu­ri­ty for a host of stars from Kim’s hus­band Ka­nye West to the Black Ey­ed Pe­as, has rack­ed up debts to­tal­ling €1,093,518 (£961,296).

The in­sol­ven­cy la­wy­er on the ca­se told MailOn­li­ne: ‘The­re is so much debt. The­re are ma­ny clai­mants. I can­not say the exact num­ber. Lots.’ Re­a­li­ty TV star Kim, 35, was sub­jec­ted to a ter­ri­fying or­deal in the ear­ly hours of Mon­day mor­ning when fi­ve gun­men dis­gui­sed as po­li­ce of­fi­cers and wea­ring ski mas­ks to hi­de their fa­ces bound and gag­ged her in the luxu­ry Ho­tel de Pour­ta­lès. Mo­ther-of-two Kim had been left alo­ne in the sui­te whi­le bo­dy­guard Du­vier went to high-end night­club L’Arc with her sisters Kourt­ney and Ken­dall Jen­ner. Bo­dy­guard Du­vier ar­ri­ved at the flat two mi­nu­tes af­ter the gang­sters es­ca­ped on bi­cy­cles with her £3.5mil­li­on en­ga­ge­ment ring ap­pa­rent­ly af­ter being aler­ted by a text mes­sa­ge from Kim’s best friend Si­mo­ne Ha­rou­che. Du­vier, who has vo­wed to track down the at­tac­kers, has fa­ced claims he left the star ex­po­sed by fai­ling to se­cu­re the flat in his ab­sen­ce. Kim has re­por­ted­ly told friends that she does not bla­me him for the cri­me. The­re is no sug­ge­s­ti­on Du­vier had any in­vol­ve­ment or that he is under any sus­pi­ci­on. The 6-4’ sel­fie-lo­ving se­cu­ri­ty gu­ard has wor­ked for Ka­nye West sin­ce 2012, and won ac­claim just a week ago when he sa­ved Kim from being grab­bed by prank­ster Vi­ta­lii Se­di­uk in Pa­ris. On his Lin­ke­dIn pro­fi­le, Du­vier says: ‘My goal as the Chair­man of Pro­tec­tSe­cu­ri­ty is build a se­cu­ri­ty team around the pro­tec­ted per­son.’ He has ap­pa­rent­ly run the com­pa­ny for 19 ye­ars and his pro­fi­le says he has lots of ex­pe­rien­ce with high pro­fi­le clients ha­ving wor­ked for Black Ey­ed Pe­as, Fer­gie,, the Pus­sy­cat Dolls, Jus­tin Tim­ber­la­ke, Chris­ti­na Agui­le­ra, La­na del Rey and Ka­ty Per­ry. (dai­ly­

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