Cops ru­le out rob­be­ry as pro­be con­ti­nues in­to taxi dri­ver’s de­ath

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

In­ves­ti­ga­tors ha­ve ru­led out rob­be­ry as they con­ti­nue to pro­be the de­ath of 24-ye­a­rold Ro­land Ju­dy, the taxi dri­ver who­se bo­dy was found in an iso­la­ted area at the back of Tu­schen Hou­sing Sche­me, West Coast De­me­ra­ra (WCD) with gunshot wounds. Ini­ti­al­ly, it was re­por­ted that Ju­dy al­so known as “Vis­hal” was shot to the chest du­ring a rob­be­ry by two men who had hi­red his taxi Tues­day af­ter­noon. Ho­we­ver, the po­li­ce ha­ve ru­led out rob­be­ry as the mo­ti­ve. They be­lie­ved that the man’s wed­ding band, pho­ne and mo­ney we­re ta­ken by the sus­pects to mis­lead them du­ring their in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on. Kai­e­teur news was told that de­tec­ti­ves are wor­king on se­ve­r­al the­o­ries as they con­ti­nue their pro­be. One the­o­ry is that the taxi dri­ver might ha­ve been in­no­cent­ly hi­red to ta­ke the ban­dits to their tar­get. “May­be he had to wait on them (ban­dits) at a dis­tan­ce and when the men got back to the car, they took Ju­dy to ano­ther lo­ca­ti­on and kil­led him, sus­pec­ting that he saw so­me­thing,” a rank opi­ned. Ano­ther the­o­ry is that the young man might ha­ve been an ac­com­pli­ce of the sus­pects. Re­ports are that the po­li­ce are chec­king in the area to de­ter­mi­ne whe­ther the­re we­re any rob­be­ries. Ru­dolph Singh, the dead man’s fa­ther, said that he was in­for­med that the young man was shot on Tues­day. He said that his son was ne­ver in­vol­ved in any il­legal ac­ti­vi­ties. He does not be­lie­ve that the fa­ther of one was lin­ked to any skull­dug­gery. Kai­e­teur News was in­for­med that re­si­dents in an area known as “Blacka” heard gunshots and when they check­ed, they dis­co­ver­ed the bo­dy of the taxi dri­ver slum­ped in the dri­ver’s seat of his car co­ver­ed in blood. He had on­ly been ope­ra­ting taxi for four months.


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