Dras­tic drop in air­port rob­be­ries sin­ce cops dis­mant­led gang

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GU­Y­A­NA - Last Fri­day mar­ked one year sin­ce a cop with the as­sis­tan­ce of a col­lea­gue bu­sted a ring of cri­mi­nals who we­re tar­ge­ting main­ly in­co­ming tra­vel­lers from the Ched­di Ja­gan In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Air­port (CJIA).

Sin­ce the dis­mant­ling of that gang, the­re has been prac­ti­cally no re­por­ted ca­se of pas­sen­gers being trai­led and rob­bed from the air­port.

On Oc­to­ber 07, last, De­tec­ti­ve Prem Na­ri­ne, a po­li­ce cor­po­ral from the Gu­y­a­na Po­li­ce For­ce (GPF)’s Ma­jor Cri­mes De­part­ment, went to the air­port to pick up so­me re­la­ti­ves.

At the air­port, he re­por­ted­ly no­ti­ced three men ac­ting in a sus­pi­cious man­ner. Kai­e­teur News un­der­stands that when Na­ri­ne left the air­port with his re­la­ti­ves, he no­ti­ced the three men lea­ving in a yel­low Toyo­ta IST. The oc­cu­pants of that car fol­lo­wed him. Re­a­li­sing that the car was in­deed fol­lo­wing him, Na­ri­ne aler­ted other ranks. He al­so no­ti­fied a col­lea­gue, who was ne­ar­by that he was hea­ding to Kit­ty, and the po­li­ce­man went to the lo­ca­ti­on and awai­ted Na­ri­ne’s ar­ri­val.

When Na­ri­ne even­tu­al­ly re­a­ched his Kit­ty des­ti­na­ti­on, the car with the three men stop­ped on the pu­blic road, a cor­ner away from whe­re the cop li­ved. Two of the sus­pects ca­me out of the ve­hi­cle and wai­ted on a brid­ge ne­ar­by.

This news­pa­per was told that whi­le the two sus­pects we­re wai­ting on the brid­ge, Na­ri­ne got in­to his col­lea­gue’s ve­hi­cle and dro­ve to­wards the men.

The men im­me­di­a­te­ly ope­ned fi­re, cau­sing Na­ri­ne and col­lea­gue to re­turn fi­re, hit­ting one of the oc­cu­pants. His two ac­com­pli­ces ma­na­ged to es­ca­pe.

This news­pa­per was al­so told that a wo­man, Ro­we­na Singh, a tra­vel agent at Mu­nesh­war’s Ship­ping, was fol­lo­wed and rob­bed about two weeks pri­or to the foi­led at­tack on Na­ri­ne.

Singh, who al­so li­ves in Kit­ty, al­le­gedly told po­li­ce that the yel­low IST the men used, was the ve­hi­cle that trai­led her from the air­port to her ho­me.

Du­ring the ti­me when the­se ty­pes of rob­be­ries we­re ram­pant, in­ves­ti­ga­tors had sus­pec­ted that the­re was so­me­o­ne at the air­port lea­king in­for­ma­ti­on. They sus­pec­ted that on­ce in­co­ming pas­sen­gers fil­led out their forms, a staf­fer the­re would leak the ne­ces­sa­ry in­for­ma­ti­on to their out­si­de sour­ce.

This news­pa­per was told that Cor­po­ral Na­ri­ne had in­for­med the po­li­ce that when he no­ti­ced that he was being fol­lo­wed, he did not dri­ve in­to any sta­ti­ons be­cau­se he knew that the men would not ha­ve been ar­med.

He de­ci­ded to play along with them so that he could ha­ve cau­ght them in the act. Sin­ce that in­ci­dent, the­re was no other ca­se. One of the sus­pects is cur­rent­ly be­fo­re the Court.


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