Fi­ve rob­bers use Craig­slist to lu­re vic­tim

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USA - Fi­ve teen­a­gers fa­ce char­ges af­ter a Criag­s­list add en­ded in a rob­be­ry and car­jac­king in Ri­ver­view, Hills­borough Coun­ty de­pu­ties said Tues­day. One of the teen sus­pects cal­l­ed the num­ber on a Craig­slist ad posted by a car­pen­ter of­fe­ring his ho­me re­pair ser­vi­ces. That call, de­pu­ties say, was ac­tu­al­ly trap to lu­re the vic­tim to a va­cant ho­me on Lyn­moo­re Dri­ve in Ri­ver­view. When the car­pen­ter got to the hou­se Sun­day, a teen­a­ge girl was wai­ting in the dri­ve­way and as­ked him to go in­to the hou­se. De­tec­ti­ves said a group of teen­a­gers rob­bed him of his wal­let, cell pho­ne and car keys, be­fo­re ta­king off in the vic­tim’s car, a Che­vro­let Cru­ze. The group of sus­pec­ted cri­mi­nals, howe­ver, had no idea they we­re being wat­ched and re­cor­ded by a neigh­bor, Mi­chel­le Batt­le. “(A teen­a­ge girl) was bet­ween my hou­se and an aban­do­ned hou­se. That’s sus­pi­cious to me,” Batt­le said. “She was out the­re for a whi­le and she keeps go­ing to the aban­do­ned hou­se... That’s what ma­de me sus­pi­cious be­cau­se that hou­se has been emp­ty for at least fi­ve ye­ars, so no­bo­dy should be at that hou­se.” That’s why Batt­le de­ci­ded to pull out her cell pho­ne and start re­cor­ding. Then she saw so­me­thing el­se sus­pi­cious: a red car pul­led up and, af­ter a few mi­nu­tes, a group of teens jum­ped in­to the ve­hi­cle and dro­ve away. But by then, Batt­le had al­rea­dy cal­l­ed 911. The sus­pects ha­ve been iden­ti­fied as 18-ye­a­rold Ja­vier Lopez, 19-year-old Keen­ard Ma­lik Wells, along with two 16-year-olds and a 15-year-old. The sus­pects fa­ce a va­ri­e­ty of char­ges. De­pu­ties be­lie­ve the youn­gest of the sus­pects we­re the on­es who con­duc­ted the rob­be­ry and car­jac­king. Their char­ges are mo­re se­rious. (FOX 13)

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