Stivo­ki wor­kers fa­ce un­cer­tain fu­tu­re

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Ma­ny of the wor­kers at the Foun­da­ti­on for the Child (Stivo­ki) fa­ce an un­cer­tain fu­tu­re be­cau­se they do not know if they still ha­ve a job or not. “Two or three of about thirty wor­kers at the foun­da­ti­on are em­ploy­ed by the Mi­ni­stry of So­ci­al Af­fairs. The rest works for the foun­da­ti­on and has litt­le to no cer­tain­ty when it co­mes to their job se­cu­ri­ty now that the foun­da­ti­on is clo­sed,” said Union Chair­man Rob­by Naaren­dorp. The union ho­pes to get clear ans­wers to its ques­ti­ons soon. The wor­kers want to know if they still ha­ve a job or if they are go­ing to be fired es­pe­ci­al­ly gi­ven the fact that the child­ren ha­ve been trans­fer­red to other in­sti­tu­tes. The wor­kers who are still wai­ting for their sa­la­ries from Au­gust and Sep­tem­ber do not know when they will re­cei­ve pay­ment. They ha­ve been sit­ting at ho­me with ma­ny ques­ti­ons on their minds. The union on Wed­nes­day dis­cus­sed the si­tu­a­ti­on with the mem­bers of the So­ci­al Af­fairs Com­mit­tee. The union which re­por­ted­ly wants to get to the bottom of things ma­de it clear that “the govern­ment can’t just send the child­ren ho­me to the sa­me si­tu­a­ti­on.” Nei­ther the ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on of the foun­da­ti­on nor the mi­ni­stry could in­di­ca­te when the wor­kers will re­cei­ve their mo­ney and if they still ha­ve a job at the foun­da­ti­on.

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