ISIS uses ex­plo­ding con­su­mer dro­ne

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IRAQ - ISIS figh­ters used a boo­by-trap­ped dro­ne to kill two Kur­dish figh­ters this month, in what Pen­ta­gon of­fi­ci­als say may be a new ef­fort by the or­ga­ni­za­ti­on, The New York Ti­mes re­ports. The small, com­mer­ci­al­ly avai­la­ble dro­ne was shot down in Nor­thern Iraq and ta­ken back to an out­post, the Ti­mes wri­tes. But du­ring dis­as­sem­bly, the dro­ne ex­plo­ded, kil­ling the two figh­ters. Le Mon­de re­ports that two mem­bers of French spe­ci­al for­ces we­re al­so in­ju­red by the ex­plo­si­on. ISIS has pre­vious­ly used che­ap dro­nes for sur­veil­lan­ce pur­po­ses, but the re­cent ac­count sug­gests so­me­thing dif­fe­rent. Alt­hough the­re ha­ve been re­ports in the past of dro­nes used as im­pro­vi­sed tools of war, this ap­pe­ars to be one of the first by the Isla­mic Sta­te, and may point to a con­cer­ted plot: the Ti­mes re­ports that ISIS has at­temp­ted to use ex­plo­ding dro­nes at least two other ti­mes in the past month, and Iraq com­man­ders ha­ve now is­sued a warning to tre­at any dro­ne-li­ke ob­jects as po­ten­ti­al ex­plo­si­ve de­vi­ces. The tech­ni­que used by ISIS in the at­tack may ha­ve been a sim­ple one — ul­ti­ma­te­ly on­ly com­bi­ning two wi­de­ly avai­la­ble pie­ces of tech — but vi­deos avai­la­ble on­li­ne ha­ve pur­por­ted­ly shown other re­cent in­stan­ces of dro­nes used as ex­plo­si­ves, sug­ge­s­ting the mo­ve may be one we see mo­re of in the fu­tu­re.

(The New York Ti­mes)

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