Con­struc­ti­on wor­ker wrest­les car­jac­ker in trench

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An al­le­ged car­jac­ker was ar­re­sted Wed­nes­day af­ter a 54-year-old con­struc­ti­on wor­ker had wrest­led him in­to a trench at Non Pareil, East Coast De­me­ra­ra, and then tied him to a uti­li­ty po­le.

As the two men we­re figh­ting, a se­cond ac­com­pli­ce es­ca­ped with Gar­field Grif­fith’s car, be­a­ring re­gi­stra­ti­on num­ber, HB 4955. Grif­fith, a fa­ther of three, re­cal­l­ed that he was ha­ving lunch in his car that was par­ked in front of a con­struc­ti­on si­te when two young men ro­de up to him on a bi­cy­cle and as­ked if the­re was any va­can­cy, to which he res­pon­ded in the ne­ga­ti­ve. “The car was on, be­cau­se I was char­ging the pho­ne. The other con­struc­ti­on wor­kers we­re at ano­ther buil­ding shel­te­ring from the sun and then the­se guys co­me. I tell them that it doe­sn’t ma­ke sen­se I hi­re them and I don’t ha­ve mo­ney to pay them,” Grif­fith said. He re­coun­ted that the men then left and a few mi­nu­tes la­ter, he spot­ted one of them hea­ding in his di­rec­ti­on on foot. “He co­me and ask me for a cres­cent (ad­justa­ble span­ner) and I tell him that I don’t ha­ve, and he walk and go be­hind the car. I was loo­king at him (through the rear view mir­ror) to see what he was do­ing. In that (mir­ror), I see the next one co­me back on the bi­cy­cle, and both of them co­me and ask back for work,” the vic­tim re­la­ted. He ad­ded that the men told him that they bad­ly nee­ded a job. “Whi­le tal­king to one of them, the next one wal­ked on the brid­ge and he took a bott­le with li­quid out his pants and rus­hed up to me and throw it in my fa­ce. Li­ke he was ai­ming for my ey­es, but it go in my mouth.” Grif­fith said that he im­me­di­a­te­ly jum­ped out of his ve­hi­cle and grab­bed the sus­pect next to him and the two of them star­ted figh­ting. They en­ded up in the trench. “I cho­ked him in the trench, but whi­le I had he, the other one jump in the car and dri­ve away. I couldn’t loo­se the one I had, be­cau­se I woulda risk los­ing both of them,” the Cra­ne, West Coast De­me­ra­ra re­si­dent said. He ex­plai­ned that when he over­po­we­red the sus­pect in the trench, the man tried to ma­ke a deal with him—let him go and he would tell him whe­re his ac­com­pli­ce took the car. “When we in the trench, pe­o­p­le start co­ming out and we tie he to a post when I bring he out,” the man said, whi­le ad­ding that the re­si­dents dealt the young man se­ve­r­al las­hes with ne­ar­by ce­ment blocks. “I ne­ver see block (ce­ment) loo­se up li­ke how it loo­se up on that man.” Grif­fith says that he lost mo­ney, his dri­ver’s li­cen­ce, bank card and other do­cu­ments. A re­port was ma­de at the Vi­gi­lan­ce Po­li­ce Sta­ti­on, whe­re the sus­pect remains in cus­to­dy. (Kai­e­teur­

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