Re­si­den­ce per­mit must be re­quested on­li­ne

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As of Oc­to­ber 15, fo­reig­ners must fi­le a re­si­den­ce per­mit re­quest on­li­ne at www.vz.jus­pol. sr. The launch of this di­gi­tal ser­vi­ce of the Im­mi­gra­ti­on Of­fi­ce (VZ) took pla­ce on Thurs­day.

Ac­ting di­rec­tor at the Mi­ni­stry of Jus­ti­ce and Po­li­ce (Jus­pol) Humphrey Tjin Liep Shie poin­ted out that VZ on­li­ne is a new de­vel­op­ment at the Im­mi­gra­ti­on Of­fi­ce. “We are one of the first govern­ment agen­cies that will hand­le a por­ti­on of the pro­ces­ses on­li­ne,” said the ac­ting di­rec­tor who ad­ded that the new sy­s­tem is ai­med at speeding up the pro­cess and to ma­ke it mo­re transpa­rent. The VZ on­li­ne sy­s­tem is al­so ai­med at pre­ven­ting cor­rup­ti­on. Tjin Liep Shie poin­ted out that ac­tu­al cor­rup­ti­on can be re­du­ced with this sy­s­tem as it can be mo­ni­to­red by ma­na­ge­ment. The new sy­s­tem sig­ni­fi­cantly li­mits the con­tact bet­ween the front desk wor­ker of the de­part­ment in ques­ti­on and the clients so that all of the do­cu­ments can be pro­cess in an ob­jec­ti­ve man­ner. He poin­ted out that if the­re is no con­tact, the­re al­so is no op­por­tu­ni­ty to speak with pe­o­p­le in­di­vi­du­al­ly and to gi­ve them a pat on the back or to pro­mi­se them so­me­thing in ex­chan­ge for their ser­vi­ces. “We will ne­ver be ab­le to pre­vent cor­rup­ti­on en­ti­re­ly but this sy­s­tem li­mits the num­ber of pe­o­p­le that pro­cess the re­si­den­ce per­mit re­quest. The pe­o­p­le ha­ve been scree­ned tho­rough­ly,” said Tjin Liep Shie who ap­plau­ded this mi­les­to­ne. The de­pu­ty di­rec­tor at the Im­mi­gra­ti­on Of­fi­ce, Ra­chel­le Groen­veld, poin­ted out that a re­si­den­ce per­mit re­quest cur­rent­ly ta­kes pla­ce in Dut­ch but that the mi­ni­stry al­so wants to pro­vi­de this ser­vi­ce in English, Por­tu­gue­se and Man­da­rin. Groen­veld ex­plai­ned that it ta­kes 14 wor­king days to pro­cess a re­si­den­ce per­mit re­quest. Af­ter a per­son has fi­led a re­si­den­ce per­mit re­quest, he or she will re­cei­ve an email tel­ling him or her if the re­quest is com­ple­te or not. The email is then used as evi­den­ce to pro­ve that the re­quest is being pro­ces­sed. Groen­veld thinks that the ap­pli­cant could get a re­si­den­ce per­mit af­ter 75 wor­king days.

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