ABS needs mo­re ti­me to cal­cu­la­te CPI

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The Ge­ne­ral Sta­tis­tics Bu­reau (ABS) has not pu­blis­hed in­fla­ti­on fi­gu­res sin­ce Ju­ly. The in­fla­ti­on fi­gu­res for Ju­ly and Au­gust will re­por­ted­ly be pu­blis­hed at the end of Oc­to­ber be­cau­se the ABS in Ju­ly ad­ju­sted the goods and ser­vi­ces pack­a­ge that are used to cal­cu­la­te the con­su­mer pri­ce in­dex (CPI) in light of the cur­rent eco­no­mic and fi­nan­ci­al si­tu­a­ti­on in the coun­try. The ABS dee­med it ne­ces­sa­ry to ma­ke se­ve­r­al ad­just­ments be­cau­se con­su­mer be­ha­vi­or has chan­ged in res­pon­se to the pri­ce hi­kes. De­mand for cer­tain goods has re­por­ted­ly dwind­led be­cau­se of the pri­ce hi­kes. In so­me ca­ses so­me food pro­ducts are being con­si­de­red luxu­ry items be­cau­se they are no lon­ger in de­mand. On the other hand con­su­mers are buying goods that they used to ig­no­re in the past. Be­cau­se of the ad­just­ments the ABS needs mo­re ti­me to cal­cu­la­te the new pri­ce hi­kes in or­der to de­ter­mi­ne a new CPI. A con­su­mer pri­ce in­dex (CPI) me­a­su­res chan­ges in the pri­ce le­vel of a mar­ket bas­ket of con­su­mer goods and ser­vi­ces pur­cha­sed by hou­se­holds. The­re we­re re­por­ted­ly 297 items in the old CPI pack­a­ge. The chan­ges in pri­ce le­vels are re­cor­ded in the dis­tricts Paramaribo, Wa­ni­ca, Nic­ke­rie, Coro­nie, Sa­ram­ac­ca and Com­me­wij­ne.

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