Oil and Gas As­so­ci­a­ti­on Di­rec­tors to exa­mi­ne al­le­ga­ti­ons against CEO

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The Board of Di­rec­tors of the new­ly es­ta­blis­hed Gu­y­a­na Oil and Gas As­so­ci­a­ti­on (GOGA) is con­si­de­ring as a mat­ter of ur­g­en­cy, cor­rup­ti­on al­le­ga­ti­ons le­ve­led against its Chief Exe­cu­ti­ve Of­fi­cer, Bob­by Gos­sai Jr.

The re­view on the part of the en­ti­ty co­mes on the heels of an ar­ti­cle pu­blis­hed by this news­pa­per on Thurs­day, ex­po­sing the unethi­cal be­ha­vi­or of Gos­sai du­ring his ti­me as Se­cre­ta­ry of the Gu­y­a­na Gold Board. This was chro­ni­cled in a de­tai­led fo­ren­sic au­dit re­port con­duc­ted by Ram and McRae, Char­te­red Ac­coun­tants. The Board of Di­rec­tors of the GOGA said that it was una­wa­re of the spe­ci­fic con­tents of the Au­dit Re­port re­fer­red to in the Kai­e­teur News ar­ti­cle. The Board said that it has sin­ce se­cu­red a co­py of the Au­dit Re­port, and will be con­si­de­ring the con­tents of the re­port as a mat­ter of ur­g­en­cy. The GOGA ma­de it clear ho­we­ver that the em­ploy­ment of Bob­by Gos­sai Jr. is part of its start-up pro­cess. They stres­sed that Gos­sai is cur­rent­ly on a pro­ba­ti­o­na­ry pe­ri­od. This pe­ri­od has not yet co­me to an end.

The Board sought to as­su­re the pu­blic that it is com­mit­ted to the hig­hest le­vels of transpa­ren­cy and dis­clo­su­re in its ef­forts to de­vel­op a via­ble suc­ces­sful Oil and Gas In­du­stry in Gu­y­a­na. The dam­ning fo­ren­sic au­dit re­port on the Gold Board fin­gers Gos­sai in se­ve­r­al cor­rupt acts. In one in­stan­ce, Gos­sai is ac­cu­sed of being in­vol­ved in a clear ca­se of for­gery.


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