Es­se­qui­bo ra­pist gets 25 ye­ars

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The­re was wai­ling and hol­le­ring on Thurs­day in the Sud­die High court af­ter Jus­ti­ce Priya Sew­na­ri­ne-Be­har­ry sen­ten­ced 47-year-old, Le­roy Smith, to 25 ye­ars’ im­prison­ment for ra­ping his 63-year-old neigh­bour in Fe­bru­a­ry 2015. Smith was al­so im­pli­ca­ted in the ra­pe of a 63-year-old wo­man of Richmond Hou­sing Sche­me, in April 2015. He was char­ged in Ju­ly of the said year. The ca­se which first be­gan in the ma­gi­stra­te court was la­ter thrown over to the high court and that was whe­re Smith was ab­le to ob­tain bail af­ter an ap­peal was gran­ted by a jud­ge in the high court. That bail was gran­ted in the amount of $400,000 thou­sand dol­lars. On Thurs­day ju­r­ors re­tur­ned a guil­ty ver­dict. Si­mi­lar­ly, af­ter Thurs­day’s sen­ten­cing, Smith’s two la­wy­ers in­di­ca­ted to jus­ti­ce Sew­na­ri­ne-Be­har­ry that they had in­ten­ti­ons of ap­pea­ling the ca­se and sought bail, but their re­quest was de­nied. At the sen­ten­cing, Smith wai­led and col­lap­sed in the dock af­ter le­arning of his sen­ten­cing. Smith’s wi­fe and one of his neigh­bours we­re pre­sent in court. A me­di­cal re­port which was ten­de­red in court sug­ge­sted that the vic­tim had abra­si­ons to her neck, chest and va­gi­na. The po­li­ce said that Smith ra­ped the wo­man on April 20, 2015, at her Richmond, Es­se­qui­bo re­si­dent. The po­li­ce had al­so char­ged Smith with bur­gla­ry but af­ter ad­vi­ce was sought, that char­ge was drop­ped. Pre­vious­ly, a men­tal­ly chal­len­ged wo­man had ac­cu­sed him of ra­ping her. Smith has al­ways main­tai­ned his in­no­cen­ce.


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