Gu­y­a­ne­se drug dea­ler ex­tra­di­ted to Gu­y­a­na

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The Gu­y­a­ne­se drug dea­ler who was con­vic­ted in neigh­bo­ring Gu­y­a­na and who had fled to Su­ri­na­me, Bar­ry Da­ta­ram, was ex­tra­di­ted to Gu­y­a­na on Sa­tur­day mor­ning. The sus­pect was ar­re­sted on Fri­day by the A Team. Re­ports in­di­ca­te that Da­ta­ram and his wi­fe, An­ja­nie Bood­na­ri­ne, we­re hi­ding out in a hou­se lo­ca­ted at La­tour. Du­ring their ar­rest the mem­bers of Su­ri­na­me’s spe­ci­al po­li­ce unit found fa­ke pas­sports that ‘be­lon­ged’ to Da­vid and Chris­ti­ne Pers­aud. Ac­cor­ding to one sour­ce, Da­ta­ram who was cau­ght around 4.00 P.M., local ti­me, peed his pants and cried when the hea­vi­ly ar­med po­li­ce squad con­fron­ted him. Ac­cor­ding to Kai­e­teur­newson­li­ne, Da­ta­ram and his wi­fe fled Gu­y­a­na se­ve­r­al weeks ago pen­ding a court de­ci­si­on re­gar­ding their al­le­ged in­vol­ve­ment in co­cai­ne traf­fic­king. They we­re out on bail. Da­ta­ram was sen­ten­ced to a 60-month jail term by Gu­y­a­na’s Ci­ty Ma­gi­stra­te Ju­dy Latch­man whi­le his wi­fe and two co-de­fen­dants we­re freed. They we­re cau­ght with 129.23kg of co­cai­ne at a ho­me in Dia­mond, East Bank De­me­ra­ra on April 16, 2015. Da­ta­ram and his wi­fe had mo­ved to the High Court and we­re gran­ted $4 mil­li­on pre­t­ri­al bail.

In ad­di­ti­on to the 60-month jail term, Da­ta­ram was al­so fi­ned $164M for co­cai­ne pos­ses­si­on.

Da­ta­ram, a Gu­y­a­na-born Ame­ri­can, had suc­ces­sful­ly fought off pre­vious ef­forts to ex­tra­di­te him to the Uni­ted Sta­tes of Ame­ri­ca to fa­ce drug smug­gling char­ges. It was be­lie­ved that for the past weeks, Da­ta­ram and his wi­fe we­re hi­ding in Su­ri­na­me.

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