Chi­ne­se pre­si­dent calls on BRICS coun­tries to ce­ment con­fi­den­ce, act against chal­len­ges

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IN­DIA - Chi­ne­se Pre­si­dent Xi Jin­ping ur­ged the BRICS (Bra­zil, Rus­sia, In­dia, Chi­na and South Afri­ca) coun­tries to ce­ment con­fi­den­ce as a “com­pli­ca­ted, se­ve­re ex­ter­nal en­vi­ron­ment” po­ses chal­len­ges to the emer­ging-mar­ket bloc. Spea­king at an an­nu­al BRICS sum­mit in the wes­tern In­di­an sta­te of Goa, Xi cal­l­ed for buil­ding up an open eco­no­my whi­le warning against all forms of pro­tec­ti­o­nism. He as­ked the BRICS coun­tries to im­ple­ment the out­co­mes of the 11th sum­mit of the Group of 20 (G20) ma­jor eco­no­mies held in the eas­tern Chi­ne­se ci­ty of Hangz­hou in Sep­tem­ber, and to stri­ve for a strong, sustai­na­ble, ba­lan­ced and in­clu­si­ve glo­bal growth. The Chi­ne­se lea­der al­so ma­de a fi­ve-point pro­po­sal for the BRICS na­ti­ons to join hands in tough ti­mes, in­clu­ding buil­ding an open world, map­ping out a sha­red de­vel­op­ment vi­si­on, co­ping with the most pres­sing glo­bal chal­len­ges, sa­fe­gu­ar­ding fair­ness and jus­ti­ce in the in­ter­na­ti­o­nal com­mu­ni­ty, and dee­pe­ning part­ner­ships within the bloc. “We should con­tri­bu­te the wis­dom and strength of the BRICS coun­tries and joint­ly seek ways to res­pond to chal­len­ges,” Xi said. To ad­dress eco­no­mic chal­len­ges, Xi pro­po­sed that the BRICS coun­tries ad­van­ce struc­tu­ral re­forms, in­no­va­te growth pat­terns, and build up an open eco­no­my. He war­ned against pro­tec­ti­o­nism, saying the BRICS coun­tries should ta­ke the lead in ope­ning-up and in­ter­na­ti­o­nal coo­p­e­ra­ti­on by pri­o­ri­ti­zing such sec­tors as eco­no­my and tra­de, fi­nan­ci­al cir­cu­la­ti­on, in­fra­struc­tu­re con­nec­ti­vi­ty and pe­o­p­le-to-pe­o­p­le ex­chan­ges. The pre­si­dent cal­l­ed for en­han­cing the re­pre­sen­ta­ti­on and voi­ce of emer­ging­mar­ket eco­no­mies and de­vel­o­ping coun­tries in the pro­cess of glo­bal gover­nan­ce re­forms, thus hel­ping build new-ty­pe in­ter­na­ti­o­nal re­la­ti­ons of coo­p­e­ra­ti­on and mu­tu­al be­ne­fits as well as sa­fe­gu­ar­ding fair­ness and jus­ti­ce. The Chi­ne­se lea­der ur­ged the fi­ve coun­tries to streng­then coo­r­di­na­ti­on and com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on in ma­jor in­ter­na­ti­o­nal is­sues and re­gi­o­nal hot is­sues, in a bid to joint­ly tac­kle glo­bal chal­len­ges such as na­tu­ral disas­ters, cli­ma­te chan­ge, in­fec­tious di­sea­ses and ter­ro­rism.

Xi as­ked the BRICS mem­ber coun­tries to en­han­ce coo­p­e­ra­ti­on and dee­pen their part­ner­ships to seek com­mon de­vel­op­ment, es­pe­ci­al­ly through the BRICS New De­vel­op­ment Bank (NDB) and the Con­tin­gent Re­ser­ve Ar­ran­ge­ment (CRA) that we­re es­ta­blis­hed in 2014. “Chi­na is a staunch sup­por­ter and par­ti­ci­pant of the BRICS me­cha­nism, and ta­kes the BRICS coo­p­e­ra­ti­on as one of its di­plo­ma­tic pri­o­ri­ties,” he said. “We be­lie­ve the BRICS coo­p­e­ra­ti­on will for­ce­ful­ly pro­mo­te world pea­ce, sta­bi­li­ty and pros­pe­ri­ty.” As this year marks the 10th an­ni­vers­a­ry of the BRICS coo­p­e­ra­ti­on me­cha­nism, Xi re­vie­wed the de­vel­op­ment of the bloc over the past de­ca­de, saying the BRICS coo­p­e­ra­ti­on plat­form has grown in­to an in­ter­na­ti­o­nal me­cha­nism of ma­jor in­flu­en­ce and has ac­ti­ve­ly pus­hed for­ward the glo­bal eco­no­mic gover­nan­ce re­forms. The fi­ve BRICS coun­tries con­tri­bu­ted to mo­re than half of the glo­bal growth in the last 10 ye­ars, he no­t­ed. Al­so last week­end , Xi an­noun­ced that Chi­na will hold the ro­ta­ting chair of BRICS next year and host its ninth sum­mit in the sou­t­he­as­tern Chi­ne­se ci­ty of Xia­men in Sep­tem­ber.


Chi­ne­se Pre­si­dent Xi Jin­ping speaks at the eighth BRICS sum­mit in the wes­tern In­di­an sta­te of Goa. (Pho­to: Xin­hua)

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