Sams­ung sets up ex­chan­ge booths at air­ports

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USA - The Trans­porta­ti­on De­part­ment’s ban on the Sams­ung’s Ga­laxy No­te 7 could be lea­ving so­me users in a lurch if they try to bring the pho­ne on any flight go­ing to or from any part of the Uni­ted Sta­tes. To help tho­se folks, Sams­ung is set­ting up pop-up ex­chan­ge booths at air­ports to of­fer cus­to­mers ano­ther Sams­ung pho­ne in ex­chan­ge for their faul­ty No­tes. In a sta­te­ment, Sams­ung said booths in the Uni­ted Sta­tes will be at “so­me of the most fre­quent­ly vi­si­ted air­ports around the coun­try,” but it did not pro­vi­de a full list of air­ports. San Fran­cis­co In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Air­port see­ms to be one of them as Twit­ter users ha­ve re­por­ted see­ing booths the­re. The tech com­pa­ny has al­rea­dy set up the­se pop-up booths at ma­jor air­ports in Au­stra­lia and, ac­cor­ding to the Ko­rea Ti­mes, South Ko­rea. When as­ked, the com­pa­ny did not say whe­ther the Sams­ung pho­nes re­cei­ved from the air­port ki­osks could then be swap­ped for ano­ther pho­ne on­ce you ar­ri­ve at your des­ti­na­ti­on. So if you we­ren’t su­re whe­ther you wan­ted a Sams­ung pho­ne in ex­chan­ge for your No­te, this may not be the best op­ti­on for you. Even Sams­ung ad­vi­ses that it is best to ex­chan­ge your pho­ne be­fo­re you get to an air­port, if pos­si­ble. That way, you won’t ha­ve to add this has­sle to the other has­s­les of mo­dern-day air tra­vel. Air­ports are not exact­ly the cal­mest pla­ces, so they pro­ba­bly are not the best lo­ca­ti­ons for ma­king a smartpho­ne-pur­cha­sing de­ci­si­on — par­ti­cu­lar­ly when your al­ter­na­ti­ve is ha­ving no smartpho­ne at all. All Sams­ung Ga­laxy No­te 7 users can ask for a re­fund or a new smartpho­ne (users will pay any pri­ce dif­fe­ren­ce) un­der the terms of the re­call. Tho­se that pick ano­ther Sams­ung pho­ne are eli­gi­ble for a $100 bill cre­dit; tho­se that pick ano­ther de­vi­ce, such as Ap­ple’s iP­ho­ne 7, are gran­ted a $25 bill cre­dit. It’s not clear how ma­ny pe­o­p­le are cau­ght short by this flight ban. The or­der of­fi­ci­al­ly went in­to ef­fect Sa­tur­day, Oct. 15, just a day af­ter being an­noun­ced. Be­fo­re that, users we­re told to shut off the pho­nes and not use them du­ring flights. So if so­me­o­ne left on a long week­end trip Fri­day mor­ning — thin­king they could keep their pho­ne with them as long as it was tur­ned off — they will now find it im­pos­si­ble to bring their smartpho­ne back with them.


Sams­ung is set­ting up pop-up ex­chan­ge booths at air­ports. (Photo: bloom­berg)

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