Union chair­man ex­pres­ses con­cern re­gar­ding air­port sa­fe­ty

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The chair­man of the union re­pre­sen­ting the wor­kers at Air­port Ma­na­ge­ment, Lloyd Read, on Mon­day in­di­ca­ted that he doubts if the sa­fe­ty at the na­ti­on’s in­ter­na­ti­o­nal air­port is ac­tu­al­ly gu­a­ran­teed now that the wor­kers are on stri­ke. He poin­ted out that the du­ties of the wor­kers ha­ve been ta­ken over by fire­figh­ters and wor­kers who ha­ve not wor­ked re­gu­lar ope­ra­ti­o­nal ser­vi­ces for qui­te so­me ti­me. “Sham me­a­su­res ha­ve been ta­ken,” said the union chair­man. Ma­na­ge­ment at the air­port on Mon­day in­di­ca­ted that the sa­fe­ty at the air­port and the pro­ces­sing of in­ter­na­ti­o­nal flights are gu­a­ran­teed. Ma­na­ge­ment al­so poin­ted out that tra­ve­lers who are sche­du­led to de­par­tu­re can check in at the ti­me gi­ven to them by the air­li­ners. Pe­o­p­le who must pick up tra­ve­lers from the air­port are al­so being as­su­red that the­re will be no flight de­lays. Eve­ry­thing went smoot­h­ly on Mon­day.

The union chair­man ex­plai­ned that the wor­kers on Mon­day de­ci­ded to go on stri­ke be­cau­se the wa­ges ha­ve not been paid as has been agreed. He ex­plai­ned that an agree­ment from 2003 clear­ly sta­tes that the wa­ges must be ba­sed on the of­fi­ci­al ex­chan­ge ra­tes at the Cen­tral Bank of Su­ri­na­me (CB­vS). In April the wor­kers re­cei­ved their wa­ges at an ex­chan­ge ra­te of SRD 4.68. But the ex­chan­ge ra­te at the Cen­tral Bank is cur­rent­ly much hig­her. Read poin­ted out that ma­na­ge­ment on Mon­day of­fe­red to ba­se the wa­ges on an ex­chan­ge ra­te of SRD 5 but that the wor­kers re­jec­ted the of­fer. The union pre­fers a midd­le cour­se bet­ween the ex­chan­ge ra­te of SRD 4.68 and the cur­rent ex­chan­ge ra­te at the Cen­tral Bank. Read poin­ted out that he un­der­stands that the com­pa­ny is in fi­nan­ci­al trou­ble as a re­sult of mis­ma­na­ge­ment. But he al­so poin­ted out that the wor­kers must not be the on­es to pay the pri­ce for the wrong de­ci­si­ons of the pre­vious di­rec­tor at Air­port Ma­na­ge­ment. The di­rec­tor re­por­ted­ly left the com­pa­ny with ma­ny debts whi­le al­so ha­ving fai­led to hand over the pre­mi­ums for re­ti­re­ment, old age pen­si­on and taxes. The union chair­man ma­de it clear that the wor­kers want the for­mer di­rec­tor to be pro­se­cu­ted.

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