Fi­nal de­ba­te ad­ds litt­le od­ds to Trump vic­to­ry

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USA - US Re­pu­bli­can pre­si­den­ti­al can­di­da­te Do­nald Trump’s con­tro­ver­si­al sta­te­ment that he may not con­ce­de the elec­ti­on re­sults if he loses will not help him gain ground as the clock ticks to­ward the No­vem­ber elec­ti­on, ex­perts said.

“I’ll tell you at the ti­me,” Trump said in res­pon­se to a ques­ti­on whe­ther he would con­ce­de the elec­ti­on if he loses. “I’ll keep you in sus­pen­se, ok?” The sta­te­ment ca­me at the third and fi­nal de­ba­te bet­ween Trump and his De­mo­cra­tic ri­val Hil­la­ry Clin­ton Wed­nes­day night, in which Trump re­pe­a­ted his com­plaints that the elec­ti­on is rig­ged against him. Whi­le the sta­te­ment may gain ap­plau­se from Trump’s co­re sup­por­ters, it will do no­thing to help him ap­peal to mo­de­ra­tes at a ti­me when he needs to cre­a­te a broa­der ba­se of sup­port. Trump has been trai­ling Clin­ton by big margins in so­me re­cent na­ti­o­nal polls. Trump “ma­de a big mista­ke in not saying he would ac­cept the elec­ti­on out­co­me,” said Dar­rell West, vi­ce pre­si­dent and di­rec­tor of gover­nan­ce stu­dies of the Broo­kings In­sti­tu­ti­on. “Even his daugh­ter Ivan­ka has said he should do this. Ma­ny pe­o­p­le will con­demn him for this ba­sic dis­res­pect of de­mo­cra­tic elec­ti­ons,” West told Xin­hua. Dan Ma­haf­fee, an ana­lyst with the Cen­ter for the Stu­dy of the Pre­si­d­en­cy and Con­gress, echoed that thought. “The man­ner in which Trump doub­ted the le­gi­ti­ma­cy of the elec­ti­on... will con­ti­nue to alie­na­te edu­ca­ted, mo­de­ra­te vo­ters,” he told Xin­hua. Trump’s ge­ne­ral per­for­man­ce in the de­ba­te has al­so been ques­ti­o­ned by so­me. Chris­top­her Gal­die­ri, as­sis­tant professor at Saint An­selm Col­le­ge, said that the third de­ba­te gi­ves each can­di­da­te a fi­nal chan­ce to res­ta­te their ca­se against their op­po­nent. “But I don’t think Trump did much to help himself or hurt Clin­ton in this de­ba­te,” he said. On the who­le, Trump did no­thing to chan­ge the cam­paign nar­ra­ti­ve and Clin­ton ma­de no ma­jor mista­kes in the de­ba­te, West said. Du­ring the de­ba­te, Trump be­ca­me so­me­what com­ba­ti­ve, clai­ming that “this coun­try is go­ing to be in so­me mess” if Clin­ton be­co­mes pre­si­dent. He al­so said that in 30 ye­ars of po­li­tics, Clin­ton has do­ne no­thing but talk. “But you don’t get any­thing do­ne, Hil­la­ry,” he said. Wed­nes­day night was al­so a test of whe­ther Trump could ap­pear pre­si­den­ti­al, as ma­ny mo­de­ra­tes re­main un­su­re about whe­ther they could see him in the White Hou­se.


Re­pu­bli­can pre­si­den­ti­al can­di­da­te Do­nald Trump (L) and De­mo­cra­tic pre­si­den­ti­al can­di­da­te Hil­la­ry Clin­ton(R) par­ti­ci­pa­te in the third and fi­nal pre­si­den­ti­al de­ba­te at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ne­va­da Las Ve­g­as.(Photo: Xin­hua)

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