Smog to hit North Chi­na

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BEIJING - Chi­na’s na­ti­o­nal ob­ser­va­to­ry on yes­ter­day fo­re­cast smog to hit north Chi­na in the next few days. St­ar­ting to­day, mo­de­ra­te smog will co­ver Beijing as well as sou­t­hern He­bei Pro­vin­ce, the Na­ti­o­nal Me­te­o­ro­lo­gi­cal Cen­ter (NMC) said. It ad­vi­sed the pu­blic to ta­ke pre­cau­ti­ons, and pa­tients with res­pi­ra­to­ry di­sea­ses we­re told to re­du­ce out­door ac­ti­vi­ties.

Me­te­o­ro­lo­gi­cal ex­perts ex­pect north Chi­na to fa­ce mo­re smog this au­tumn and win­ter due to un­fa­vo­ra­ble wea­ther con­di­ti­ons. Beijing aims to keep aver­a­ge PM2.5 le­vels be­low 60 mi­cro­grams per cu­bic me­ters in 2017. Its den­si­ty of PM2.5, a key pol­lu­tant, de­crea­sed by 12.5 per­cent year on year to 63 mi­cro­grams per cu­bic me­ter from Ja­nu­a­ry to Au­gust. Me­an­w­hi­le, hea­vy rain will sweep the coun­try’s sou­th­west and the Hu­ang­hu­ai re­gi­on in the next three days, said the NMC. (Xin­hua)

Hea­vy smog grounds flights in nor­thern Chi­na. (TODAYon­li­ne)

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