Fi­nan­ce Mi­ni­stry warns against ‘Swisscoin’ scam

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

The Fi­nan­ce Mi­ni­stry re­cent­ly re­cei­ved in­for­ma­ti­on that pe­o­p­le are being in­vi­ted to in­vest in the so-cal­l­ed ‘Swisscoin’ in­vest­ments. The mi­ni­stry the­re­fo­re wants to warn local in­sti­tu­tes and the Su­ri­na­me­se against this sche­me. The Fi­nan­ce Mi­ni­stry is­sued a press re­lea­se, in­di­ca­ting that this is most li­ke­ly ano­ther one of the no­to­rious Pon­zi sche­mes or mo­ney py­ra­mids that are on­ly ‘air bub­bles’. The pe­o­p­le be­hind the sche­me pre­tend that their com­pa­ny is ba­sed in Ger­ma­ny and that in­ves­ting is lin­ked to a com­pen­sa­ti­on plan. The plan is ai­med at turning in­vest­ments in­to cryp­to mo­ney or swisscoins which re­por­ted­ly pi­les up the in­te­rest in swisscoins. But the cryp­to mo­ney re­por­ted­ly has no ac­tu­al va­lue out­si­de of the Swisscoin bu­si­ness. The­re are no gu­a­ran­tees that the in­ves­tor will ac­tu­al­ly re­cei­ve in­te­rest or that they will be al­lo­wed to ma­ke wit­h­dra­wals. Pe­o­p­le must al­so rein­vest in the swisscoins. In or­der to hail in in­ves­tors the com­pa­ny pro­mi­ses a 2 to 22% com­mis­si­on to in­ves­tors who re­cruit new in­ves­tors. The mo­re in­ves­tors one re­cruits, the hig­her the com­mis­si­on. The mi­ni­stry warns pe­o­p­le against in­ves­ting mo­ney in this com­pa­ny or any other com­pa­ny that of­fer Pon­zi or mo­ney py­ra­mids sche­mes. You can find mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on at: http://be­hin­dm­ mlm-re­views/swisscoin-re­view-25-to-15000-eur-pon­zi­points-in­vest­ment/ of htt­ps:// bit­bil­li­­na-scam-an-ho­nest-swiss-coin­re­view.

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