Con­trac­tors cry out for mo­nies owed by CH&PA

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Se­ve­r­al small con­trac­tors are crying out in frus­tra­ti­on as the Cen­tral Hou­sing and Plan­ning Aut­ho­ri­ty (CH&PA) con­ti­nues to wit­h­hold pay­ment for works com­ple­ted se­ve­r­al months ago. A com­mon th­read see­ms to be the desi­re to remain ano­ny­mous, as ma­ny of the con­trac­tors sur­mi­se that if they open­ly com­plain to the me­dia the pu­nish­ment would be that they would not be hi­red in the fu­tu­re. Ho­we­ver, frus­tra­ti­on con­ti­nues to grow. The con­tac­tors are saying that the Aut­ho­ri­ty has put them in a “tight spot” be­cau­se they ha­ve bank lo­an re­pay­ments to sa­tis­fy and “we ha­ve men to pay. This is our li­ve­li­hood and the­se men ha­ve their families de­pen­ding on them.” Dif­fe­rent con­trac­tors ha­ve re­la­ted dif­fe­rent sto­ries told to them by the Aut­ho­ri­ty as to why they are not being paid. One con­trac­tor said that he com­ple­ted his pro­ject sin­ce Fe­bru­a­ry and “eve­ry day you are hea­ring a dif­fe­rent sto­ry from hou­sing, one day you hear is (Ha­mil­ton) Gr­een fault, next day is so­me pro­blem with the en­gi­neer.” Con­tac­ted ear­lier this week, CH&PA Chair­man, Ha­mil­ton Gr­een said, “I ha­ve as­ked for a re­port on this mat­ter be­cau­se ap­pa­rent­ly we got an en­gi­neer’s re­port on it and so­me of the con­trac­tors ha­ve not com­ple­ted works sa­tis­fac­to­ri­ly. We ha­ve dis­co­ver­ed so­me poor work…eve­ry­thing is being reexa­mi­ned, we in­heri­ted a lot of law­les­s­ness.” Ho­we­ver, the works do­ne by most of the con­trac­tors who are com­plai­ning ha­ve been com­ple­ted this year and not un­der the pre­vious ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on as Gr­een sug­ge­sted. Con­trac­tors are clai­ming they did the work on par with con­tract spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on and we­re gi­ven a clean bill af­ter in­spec­ti­on. When told this, Gr­een said, “If they got a clean bill they will be paid, I ha­ven’t seen that.”

So­me con­trac­tors even pre­sen­ted pic­tu­res of their work as it was being in­spec­ted by en­gi­neers at­ta­ched to the Aut­ho­ri­ty. “Now I do not know what Gr­een is trying to say he­re, if that was the ca­se wouldn’t they ha­ve ei­ther pe­na­li­zed us or ma­de us do re­pairs, it is no­thing of the sort,” la­men­ted a frus­tra­ted con­trac­tor. Ano­ther con­trac­tor said, “Hou­sing ne­ver told me any­thing about in­a­de­qua­te works.” Ma­ny of the con­trac­tors say that they ha­ve been told that the che­ques could not ha­ve been sig­ned be­cau­se Gr­een was out of the coun­try for a whi­le and the­re is no one to sign their che­ques.


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