Girl flees to po­li­ce sta­ti­on af­ter al­le­ged gang at­tack

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

Ranks at Ber­bi­ce are see­king to ques­ti­on three young men af­ter a hys­te­ri­cal 20-year-old girl ran in­to a po­li­ce sta­ti­on al­le­ging that they ra­ped her short­ly af­ter she had go­ne to a night club with them. Re­si­dents near one sta­ti­on hel­ped clot­he the vic­tim, who was in a sta­te of undress, af­ter hea­ring her screa­ming out­si­de the sta­ti­on. They then took her to a hos­pi­tal, and to two other po­li­ce sta­ti­ons. A se­ni­or po­li­ce of­fi­ci­al said that no of­fi­cer from the For­ce’s Sexu­al Of­fen­ces Unit was pre­sent at the first sta­ti­on when the young wo­man went the­re. Ac­cor­ding to re­ports, the 20-year-old had vi­si­ted a po­pu­lar Ber­bi­ce night club last week­end. She told re­la­ti­ves she then left with three ma­le friends, who had a ve­hi­cle and had pro­mi­sed to drop her ho­me. Ho­we­ver, du­ring the jour­ney, the men al­le­gedly said that they had to ta­ke so­me­o­ne to the Co­ren­ty­ne. Then, in­stead of ta­king her ho­me, al­le­gedly took her to a hou­se, whe­re they th­re­a­ten­ed and sexu­al­ly as­saul­ted her. She clai­med that she ma­na­ged to flee from the hou­se and flag down a truck dri­ver, who took her to a po­li­ce sta­ti­on. A po­li­ce of­fi­ci­al said that the young wo­man re­coun­ted that she ca­me out of the night club. She was re­por­ted­ly un­der the in­flu­en­ce. Her three ma­le friends, who we­re go­ing fur­ther up the Co­ren­ty­ne, of­fe­red to drop her ho­me. “They (al­le­gedly) dro­ve to the Co­ren­ty­ne and had sex with her against her will. She re­por­ted the mat­ter, and we are ma­king ef­forts to lo­ca­te the sus­pects.”

A re­si­dent who li­ves near to the sta­ti­on whe­re the al­le­ged vic­tim ma­de a re­port said that he heard her screa­ming in the sta­ti­on. She had ap­pa­rent­ly be­co­me hys­te­ri­cal af­ter the lo­ne rank the­re in­di­ca­ted that he could not lea­ve the sta­ti­on. Ac­cor­ding to the re­si­dent, the young wo­man, who was not ful­ly dres­sed, ran out of the sta­ti­on. Two wo­men hel­ped to en­su­re she was de­cent­ly clot­hed be­fo­re as­sis­ting in ta­king her to a pri­va­te hos­pi­tal. Staff the­re in­for­med them that they would ha­ve to ta­ke her to a pu­blic hos­pi­tal, and this was do­ne. She then ma­de a re­port at ano­ther po­li­ce sta­ti­on af­ter being me­di­cally exa­mi­ned.


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