Freak storm da­ma­ges East Ber­bi­ce ho­mes

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Se­ve­r­al ho­mes sustai­ned se­ve­re da­ma­ge and one was com­ple­te­ly flat­ten­ed du­ring af­ter a “freak storm hit are­as of east Ber­bi­ce last week­end. Zinc sheets we­re blown off, PVC cei­lings rip­ped out, con­cre­te posts crack­ed and fal­len trees and bran­ches block­ed one ac­cess street. The storm struck sec­ti­ons of the Num­ber 19 and War­ren Vil­la­ges. The high winds al­so rip­ped off roofs and cau­sed mil­li­ons of dol­lars in los­ses. Nee­zam Kha­lim told that his en­ti­re roof along with other parts of his ho­me was de­st­roy­ed or blown away. “I hear noi­ses li­ke a hard wind blo­wing and I get up and go out­si­de the hou­se when I see all me cei­ling start crash down on me”. A shed, which he said was built re­cent­ly at the cost of so­me $400,000 was dem­o­lis­hed. Not a sin­gle zinc was in sight when the storm sub­si­ded. Ac­cor­ding to Kha­lim, he ma­na­ged to sa­ve a mat­tress and his daugh­ter’s pas­sport which he took down­stairs in the kit­chen. With the roof go­ne and the rain pou­ring in, all his other be­lon­gings we­re de­st­roy­ed. Ano­ther re­si­dent, Ali­moon Go­bin told Kai­e­teur News that he was not at ho­me when the storm pas­sed through. “I aint went ho­me but when I co­me I ain’t see no hou­se and I deh loo­king for me hou­se and the­re it deh flat on the ground.” He is see­king as­sis­tan­ce sin­ce he re­por­ted­ly lost eve­ry­thing.

Ano­ther re­si­dent di­vul­ged that she awo­ke when she felt her hou­se sha­king, she sta­ted that be­fo­re she knew it she had no roof as the ca­ta­strop­hic winds rip­ped through. The en­ti­re Num­ber 19 and War­ren Vil­la­ges sustai­ned a po­wer outa­ge due to the storm. When this pu­bli­ca­ti­on vi­si­ted the area the re­si­dents we­re seen nai­ling their roof­tops whi­le so­me we­re still con­tem­pla­ting their next mo­ve.


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