Pen­n­syl­vania at­tor­ney ge­ne­ral re­lea­sed on USD 75,000 bail

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USA - Ka­th­leen Ka­ne, the dis­gra­ced Pen­n­syl­vania At­tor­ney Ge­ne­ral who was con­vic­ted of abu­sing her of­fi­ce, has been re­lea­sed on $75,000 bail af­ter spen­ding on­ly two hours in jail. On Mon­day af­ter­noon, Ka­ne, 50, was led out of the courtroom in hand­cuffs af­ter being sen­ten­ced to 10 to 23 months for il­le­gal­ly lea­king grand ju­ry do­cu­ments to em­bar­rass a ri­val pro­se­cu­tor and then lying about it un­der oath. Ka­ne was al­so sen­ten­ced to eight ye­ars of pro­ba­ti­on by a Mont­go­mery Coun­ty ju­d­ge who said Ka­ne’s ego dro­ve her to ta­ke down ene­mies and break the law. Ka­ne plans to ap­peal the ver­dict. Her de­fen­se team has 30 days to fi­le the ap­prop­ri­a­te do­cu­ments to get the pro­cess un­der way. Marc Stein­berg, one of the la­wy­ers who re­pre­sen­ted Ka­ne in the per­ju­ry ca­se, said out­si­de court Mon­day he thought the ju­d­ge’s sen­ten­ce ‘was an ap­prop­ri­a­te sen­ten­ce’, ad­ding that he did not ha­ve ‘any qualms about it’, Pen­nLi­ re­por­ted. Ju­d­ge Wen­dy Dem­chick-Al­loy on Mon­day said of Ka­ne that she as­su­med an ‘off with your heads’ men­ta­li­ty as she ran the sta­te’s top law en­for­ce­ment ag­en­cy. The ju­d­ge cal­l­ed Ka­ne a po­li­ti­cal ‘ne­o­p­hy­te’ who fai­led to ma­ke the tran­si­ti­on from cam­paig­ner to pu­blic ser­vant af­ter she took of­fi­ce. ‘This ca­se is about ego — the ego of a po­li­ti­ci­an con­su­med with her ima­ge from Day One,’ Dem­chick-Al­loy said. ‘This ca­se is about re­ta­li­a­ti­on and re­ven­ge against per­cei­ved ene­mies who this de­fen­dant... felt had em­bar­ras­sed her in the press.’ Ka­ne, the first wo­man and first De­mo­crat elec­ted as the sta­te’s top pro­se­cu­tor, was hand­cuf­fed in court and led out a si­de door. She had been a stay-at-ho­me mo­ther, and for­mer as­sis­tant coun­ty pro­se­cu­tor, be­fo­re using her hus­band’s truc­king for­tu­ne to run for sta­te­wi­de of­fi­ce in 2012. She quick­ly be­ca­me a ri­sing star in the sta­te De­mo­cra­tic Par­ty be­fo­re her of­fi­ce de­vol­ved in­to tur­moil as ca­reer pro­se­cu­tors ca­me and went. Ka­ne and her hus­band are now es­tran­ged and sha­re cus­to­dy of their teen­a­ge boys.

Ear­lier Mon­day, Ka­ne’s 15-year-old son, Chris, plea­ded for le­ni­en­cy whi­le her for­mer de­pu­ties de­scri­bed an of­fi­ce de­mo­ra­li­zed by her lea­der­ship and ter­ro­ri­zed by ‘Nixo­ni­an es­pi­o­na­ge’.

Ka­ne, 50, had ar­gued that the loss of her ca­reer, law li­cen­se and re­puta­ti­on was pu­nish­ment en­ough.

She had as­ked the ju­d­ge to sen­ten­ce her to pro­ba­ti­on or hou­se ar­rest so she could be ho­me to rai­se her sons. Ka­ne didn’t tes­ti­fy at her tri­al. She was con­vic­ted in Au­gust of two fe­lo­ny counts of per­ju­ry and se­ven mis­de­me­a­nor char­ges, and she re­sig­ned the next day. (dai­ly­

For­mer sta­te At­tor­ney Ge­ne­ral Ka­th­leen Ka­ne, lea­ves the court in hand­cuffs. (Pho­to:mor­ning­call)

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