-will wait for mo­ney un­til Thurs­day

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Bus ow­ners who ren­der their ser­vi­ces to the Na­ti­o­nal Trans­port Com­pa­ny (NVB) on Mon­day block­ed the road in front of Par­li­a­ment with their bu­ses to de­mand pay­ment. The bu­ses had been par­ked on both la­nes of the street from the en­tran­ce to Par­li­a­ment to the brid­ge near the Ba­ba and Mai Squa­re. Af­ter the chair­wo­man of Par­li­a­ment, Jen­ny Si­mons, had lis­te­n­ed to their pro­blems and had in­di­ca­ted that she re­gret­ted the fact that they ha­ve to wait this long for their mo­ney, the bus ow­ners de­ci­ded to end the stri­ke on Tues­day and to wait for a res­pon­se from the govern­ment. The bus ow­ners then re­mo­ved their bu­ses from the road. Re­ports in­di­ca­te that they want to re­cei­ve pay­ment be­fo­re Fri­day. “If that does not hap­pen, we will go on stri­ke again,” said the bus ow­ners. The chair­wo­man poin­ted out that she un­der­stands their pro­blems and pro­mi­sed to con­tact Fi­nan­ce Mi­nis­ter Gill­m­o­re Hoef­draad re­gar­ding the pay­ment is­sue. The mi­nis­ter of Trans­port, Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and Tou­rism (TCT) clai­med that his mi­ni­stry has do­ne its part and that the mi­nis­ter of Fi­nan­ce must ta­ke ca­re of the rest. Si­mons al­so poin­ted out that she re­a­li­zes that the govern­ment has li­mi­ted funds and that it has to turn this way and that but that it should not be 4 months be­hind with the pay­ments. Se­ve­r­al mem­bers of the op­po­si­ti­on al­so ex­pres­sed their dis­ap­pro­val re­gar­ding the fact that the govern­ment is turning bus ow­ners in­to be­g­gars. The chair­man of the Or­ga­ni­za­ti­on of Bus and Boat Ow­ners (OBS), Ken­neth The­men, ap­pre­ci­a­ted the fact that the MPs from the op­po­si­ti­on ex­pres­sed their con­cerns and sup­port but ma­de it clear that the OBS is not playing a po­li­ti­cal ga­me. “The cam­paign is pu­re be­cau­se we just want the mo­ney that we are en­tit­led to.” Need­less to say that the road block cre­a­ted a traf­fic jam. Ma­ny pe­o­p­le who we­re stuck in the traf­fic jam and the pe­o­p­le who ta­ke the sta­te bus to work eve­ry day could not reach their work pla­ce be­cau­se of Mon­day’s stri­ke. The­men ma­de it clear that the bus ow­ners will not sett­le for par­ti­al pay­ments but that they want to re­cei­ve all of their mo­ney. “Eve­ry month we will let our voi­ces be heard.” The bus ow­ners who will wait for their mo­ney un­til Thurs­day ho­pe that they will ne­ver ha­ve to go on stri­ke again.

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