NV Lucht­ha­ven­be­heer has debt of USD 17 mil­li­on

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“NV Lucht­ha­ven­be­heer (Air­port Ma­na­ge­ment) has a debt of USD 17 mil­li­on,” union chair­man Lloyd Read told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me on Mon­day. Re­ports in­di­ca­te that for­mer ma­na­ge­ment fai­led to pay debts and hand over the pre­mi­ums for pen­si­ons, ge­ne­ral old age re­ti­re­ment and taxes. The union chair­man poin­ted out that big con­trac­tors still ha­ve not re­cei­ved pay­ment. Read ex­plai­ned that mis­ma­na­ge­ment by the pre­vious head of the com­pa­ny has left the com­pa­ny with a very high debt. When the com­pa­ny was still un­der the pre­vious ma­na­ge­ment, the union had been pro­mi­sed that the com­pa­ny would be scree­ned tho­rough­ly. But ma­na­ge­ment kept post­po­ning the scree­ning which still has not hap­pe­ned yet. “If the scree­ning had ta­ken pla­ce, we would not ha­ve had this pro­blem,” said the union chair­man who ad­ded that an in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on will be laun­ched to find out what hap­pe­ned to the funds that we­re not de­po­si­ted and the re­ser­ves that we­re avai­la­ble. The union chair­man ex­plai­ned that se­ve­r­al things ha­ve been dis­cus­sed with the new ma­na­ge­ment team in or­der to ma­ke the com­pa­ny he­al­thy again.

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