Mer­ce­des-Benz re­veals luxu­ry pic­kup truck

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USA - Mer­ce­des-Benz is jum­ping in­to the luxu­ry pic­kup ga­me, whe­re pro­fits are plen­ti­ful.

The luxu­ry au­to­mo­ti­ve brand, a di­vi­si­on of Ger­man au­to­ma­ker Daim­ler, re­ve­a­led a pre­mi­um pic­kup truck dub­bed the X-Class.

The com­pa­ny on Tues­day showed off a con­cept ver­si­on of the mid-si­ze pic­kup truck at an event in Stock­holm, saying the fi­ve-seat ri­de will hit show­rooms in la­te 2017.

But the­re’s a catch. It’s not ini­ti­al­ly tar­ge­ted at the US mar­ket, whe­re cus­to­mers are fier­ce­ly loy­al to pic­kups of­fe­red by Ge­ne­ral Mo­tors, Ford, Fi­at Chrys­ler, Toyo­ta, Nis­san and Hon­da. Daim­ler iden­ti­fied “key mar­kets” for the X-Class as Ar­gen­ti­na, Bra­zil, South Afri­ca, Au­stra­lia, New Ze­a­land and Eu­ro­pe. It was not im­me­di­a­te­ly clear whe­ther any units would be avai­la­ble for sa­le in the US A spo­kesper­son could not be re­a­ched for com­ment Tues­day af­ter­noon. With oil tra­ding in the USD 50-per-bar­rel ran­ge and gas­o­li­ne pri­ces low, big­ger ve­hi­cles such as pic­kups ha­ve flou­ris­hed. They bring hef­ty pro­fits, too. Ja­pa­ne­se au­to­ma­ker Nis­san agreed to ma­nu­fac­tu­re the X-Class at its plant in Bar­cel­o­na, Spain, for sa­le in the Eu­ro­pean, Au­stra­li­an and South Afri­can mar­kets. French au­to­ma­ker Re­nault will pro­du­ce the XClass at its fac­to­ry in Cordo­ba, Ar­gen­ti­na, for sa­le in La­tin Ame­ri­ca. Re­nault and Nis­san ha­ve an exis­ting glo­bal al­li­an­ce and ow­ner­ship struc­tu­re. “We will open up and chan­ge the seg­ment of mid-si­ze pic­kups — with the world’s first true pre­mi­um pic­kup for the mo­dern ur­ban li­fe­sty­le,’ Mer­ce­dez-Benz vans chief Vol­ker Morn­hin­weg said in a sta­te­ment. “Our fu­tu­re X-Class will be a pic­kup that knows no com­pro­mi­se.” The X-Class’s top mo­del will boast a six­cy­lin­der die­sel en­gi­ne with all-wheel dri­ve, pay­load of mo­re than 1.1 tons and to­wing ca­pa­ci­ty of up to 3.5 tons.


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