Par­li­a­ment gi­ves ap­pro­val to AAC

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Par­li­a­ment on Thurs­day pas­sed le­gis­la­ti­on ai­med at le­gal­ly in­stal­ling the La­bor Ad­vi­ce Board (AAC). Re­ports in­di­ca­te that 37 MPs vo­t­ed in fa­vor of the AAC. Pri­or to this the ad­vi­so­ry bo­dy had been in­stal­led by de­cree. Le­gis­la­tors sei­zed the op­por­tu­ni­ty to bring the AAC in li­ne with mo­dern standards and exis­ting tre­a­ties. The­re are, howe­ver, still a few is­sues that must be ad­dres­sed such as the in­de­pen­den­ce of the chair­man and the func­ti­o­ning of the AAC in re­la­ti­on to other ad­vi­so­ry bo­dies. MP Ray­mond Sapoen and MP Pa­tri­cia Et­nel (NPS) pla­ced se­ve­r­al cri­ti­cal com­ments with re­gards to the­se 2 is­sues. MP Sapoen poin­ted out that he won­ders from which pla­net the in­de­pen­dent per­son must co­me who is ex­pec­ted to ha­ve no ties with the govern­ment, em­ploy­ers or­ga­ni­za­ti­ons and the la­bor uni­ons.

La­bor Mi­nis­ter Soe­war­to Moe­stad­ja poin­ted out that the govern­ment would ha­ve to work hard to find the right can­di­da­te for the job. This will remain a job for the mi­ni­stry that has been tas­ked with la­bor af­fairs.

MP Et­nel re­fer­red to the Tri­par­ti­te Talks and the So­ci­al Eco­no­mic Coun­cil (SER) which al­so ser­ve as ad­vi­so­ry bo­dies. The­se two bo­dies re­port to the pre­si­dent whi­le the AAC re­ports to the mi­nis­ter of La­bor. MP Et­nel won­ders who­se ad­vi­ce will be ta­ken for the de­ci­si­on ma­king. She the­re­fo­re pleads for uni­for­mi­ty within the ad­vi­so­ry coun­cils. “I do not ha­ve a rea­dy­ma­de ans­wer,” said Mi­nis­ter Moe­stad­ja. The govern­ment will re­por­ted­ly ad­dress the is­sue in­ter­nal­ly.

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