Man black­mai­led sis­ter-in-law with nu­de pic­tu­res

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

A man re­por­ted­ly th­re­a­ten­ed to spread nu­de pic­tu­res of a 17-year-old girl on Fa­ce­book. The vic­tim has al­rea­dy fi­led a com­plai­ned at the po­li­ce. She told the po­li­ce that the sus­pect is her bro­ther-in-law and that he has had sex with her se­ve­r­al ti­mes. He had th­re­a­ten­ed to spread nu­de pic­tu­res of her, if she re­fu­sed to ha­ve sex with him. The girl ex­plai­ned to the po­li­ce that she mo­ved in with her sis­ter three ye­ars ago so that she could go to school in Paramaribo. She poin­ted out that her bro­ther­in-law tre­a­ted her good in the be­gin­ning and that he did not be­ha­ve stran­ge­ly. About two ye­ars ago he bought a mo­bi­le pho­ne for her even though she had not as­ked him to do that. An ac­quain­tan­ce of hers re­cent­ly vi­si­ted her when her bro­ther-in-law was at ho­me. He dis­ap­pro­ved of the vi­sit and sent her a mes­sa­ge via Whats­app, tel­ling her that he would tell her bro­thers and sis­ters that she was get­ting in­vol­ved with ma­ny boys. Short­ly af­ter­wards he sent ano­ther mes­sa­ge, tel­ling her that he wan­ted to ha­ve in­ter­cour­se with her. If she re­fu­sed, he would tell her sis­ter eve­ry­thing and she would be send back to her pa­rents in the hin­ter­land. The girl agreed to gi­ve him what he wan­ted be­cau­se she did not want to go back to the hin­ter­land. She al­lo­wed her bro­ther-in-law to en­ter her be­droom and ha­ve his way with her. Af­ter they had had in­ter­cour­se, he star­ted snoo­ping in her mo­bi­le pho­ne and found nak­ed pic­tu­res which she had sent to her boy­friend. He then in­struc­ted her to al­so send them to his pho­ne which she did. On­ce he had the pic­tu­res he th­re­a­ten­ed to upload them and spread them on Fa­ce­book if she re­fu­sed to ha­ve sex with him. The man al­ways had sex with her when they we­re alo­ne in the hou­se. When the­re we­re child­ren in the hou­se, he sent them to the sto­re. The girl does not know how ma­ny ti­mes they ha­ve had sex. She even­tu­al­ly told a cou­sin eve­ry­thing be­cau­se the sexu­al abu­se be­ca­me un­be­a­ra­ble. The cou­sin then con­vin­ced her to no­ti­fy the po­li­ce.

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