Sti­ge­su ur­gent­ly needs sta­te sub­si­dy

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The Foun­da­ti­on for the Han­di­cap­ped in Su­ri­na­me (Sti­ge­su) has no funds and will be for­ced to clo­se its shel­ter if the govern­ment does not lend a hel­ping hand. Sti­ge­su re­por­ted­ly has not re­cei­ved any sta­te sub­si­dy in 2015 and 2016. If the foun­da­ti­on clo­ses the doors of its shel­ter, 34 stu­dents will be sent ho­me and 10 em­ploy­ees will be un­em­ploy­ed and wit­hout me­di­cal in­su­ran­ce. The foun­da­ti­on which sup­ports pe­o­p­le with a disa­bi­li­ty by kee­ping them bu­sy with ac­ti­vi­ties eve­ry day is ur­ging the govern­ment to trans­fer the sub­si­dy as soon as pos­si­ble. Du­ring the past cou­ple of months Sti­ge­su tur­ned this way and that to stay af­lo­at and to keep paying its em­ploy­ees. Re­ports in­di­ca­te that Sti­ge­su which was es­ta­blis­hed 41 ye­ars ago took se­ve­r­al loans in or­der to fi­nan­ce its ope­ra­ti­ons. The foun­da­ti­on is de­pen­dent on sub­si­dies from the govern­ment and do­na­ti­ons from third par­ties. “Is this any way to tre­at pe­o­p­le with a disa­bi­li­ty and hard wor­king pe­o­p­le?” The govern­ment should do its ut­most to help pe­o­p­le with a disa­bi­li­ty but the truth of the mat­ter is that the foun­da­ti­on does not get help from the sta­te. Sti­ge­su has al­rea­dy hand­ed in all of the pa­per­work nee­ded to re­cei­ve sta­te sub­si­dy but the Fi­nan­ce Mi­ni­stry is still pro­ces­sing all of the do­cu­ments. The foun­da­ti­on ho­pes that it will re­cei­ve the sta­te sub­si­dy soon so that it can remain ope­ra­ti­o­nal whi­le paying back the loans.

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