Ex­chan­ge ra­te for US dol­lar ri­ses abo­ve SRD 7

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

Se­ve­r­al days ago pe­o­p­le could buy each dol­lar at lo­cal ex­chan­ge of­fi­ces or cam­bi­os for less than SRD 7. But the pri­ce of one US dol­lar ro­se abo­ve SRD 7 on Thurs­day. One US dol­lar cur­rent­ly costs SRD 7.10 at the cam­bi­os which buy each US dol­lar for SRD 6.90. Se­ve­r­al cam­bio ow­ners told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that the pri­ce of the US dol­lar sud­den­ly went up and that fe­wer pe­o­p­le sold their Ame­ri­can dol­lars to them. They re­por­ted, howe­ver, a hu­ge de­mand for US dol­lars which is the main rea­son why the pri­ce of the US dol­lar is go­ing up. The Cen­tral Bank of Su­ri­na­me (CB­vS) pays SRD 6.95 for each US dol­lar and sells each Ame­ri­can dol­lar for SRD 7.07. The Cen­tral Bank cur­rent­ly sells each Eu­ro for SRD 7.73 and buys each Eu­ro for SRD 7.59.

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