Chi­ne­se ar­my vows ef­forts on strict Par­ty gover­nan­ce

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CHI­NA - Chi­ne­se mi­li­ta­ry for­ces ha­ve pled­ged to clo­se­ly uni­te around the Com­mu­nist Par­ty of Chi­na (CPC) Cen­tral Com­mit­tee with Com­ra­de Xi Jin­ping as the co­re, and vo­wed ste­ad­fast ef­forts on strict gover­nan­ce of the Par­ty.

The Cen­tral Mi­li­ta­ry Com­mis­si­on (CMC) has is­sued a cir­cu­lar ur­ging the Pe­o­p­le’s Li­be­ra­ti­on Ar­my (PLA) and the ar­med po­li­ce for­ce to stu­dy and im­ple­ment the spi­rit of the sixth ple­na­ry ses­si­on of the 18th CPC Cen­tral Com­mit­tee.

The Par­ty com­mit­tees of the fi­ve the­a­ter com­mands agreed that the two key do­cu­ments on the dis­ci­pli­ne of the Par­ty ap­pro­ved at the ses­si­on we­re new ma­jor mo­ves on streng­the­ning the Par­ty buil­ding, which show­ca­se the de­ter­mi­na­ti­on of the CPC Cen­tral Com­mit­tee on strict Par­ty gover­nan­ce.

Of­fi­cers and sol­diers of the PLA and the ar­med po­li­ce for­ce hai­led Xi, ge­ne­ral se­cre­ta­ry of the CPC Cen­tral Com­mit­tee, as the co­re of the com­mit­tee and the who­le Par­ty, ci­ting achie­ve­ments ma­de sin­ce the 18th CPC Na­ti­o­nal Con­gress in la­te 2012.

They pro­mi­sed to up­hold the CPC’s ab­so­lu­te lea­der­ship over the mi­li­ta­ry, and build a stron­ger ar­my through streng­the­ning strict Par­ty gover­nan­ce within the for­ces. De­part­ments of the CMC al­so pled­ged to strict­ly ob­ser­ve Par­ty dis­ci­pli­ne and ru­les and to be ‘ab­so­lu­te­ly loy­al, pu­re and re­lia­ble.’

En­han­cing Par­ty buil­ding and gover­nan­ce is the key to co­ping with chal­len­ges un­der the new si­tu­a­ti­on and de­vel­o­ping the so­ci­a­lism with Chi­ne­se charac­te­ris­tics, ac­cor­ding to opi­ni­ons of the staff with mi­li­ta­ry in­sti­tu­ti­ons. (Xin­hu­a­

Chi­ne­se mi­li­ta­ry for­ces.

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