“The pro­blems of the hos­pi­tals are far from over”

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The wor­kers at the na­ti­on’s hos­pi­tals ha­ve re­por­ted­ly re­cei­ved their sa­la­ries on ti­me in Oc­to­ber. Most of the hos­pi­tals re­cei­ved their mo­ney on Fri­day. “A po­si­ti­ve de­vel­op­ment,” said An­toi­ne Bra­him, ge­ne­ral di­rec­tor at the Aca­de­mic Hos­pi­tal Paramaribo (AZP), in res­pon­se to the pay­ments. He poin­ted out that the Sta­te He­alth Fund Foun­da­ti­on (SZF) and As­su­ria in­su­ran­ce com­pa­ny had trans­fer­red the mo­ney to the AZP’s bank ac­count on ti­me. The wor­kers at ’s Lands Hos­pi­tal and Sint Vin­cen­ti­us Zie­ken­huis (SVZ) al­so re­cei­ved their wa­ges on ti­me. The­se hos­pi­tals usu­al­ly get the mo­ney a bit la­te which means that the hos­pi­tal wor­kers al­so get paid much la­ter. AZP’s ge­ne­ral di­rec­tor ack­now­led­ged that in most ca­ses the hos­pi­tals ha­ve dif­fi­cul­ty ma­king ends meet in or­der to pay their wor­kers. “Alt­hough the wor­kers re­cei­ved their wa­ges be­fo­re the end of Oc­to­ber, the pro­blems of the hos­pi­tals are far from over,” said Bra­him who ad­ded that most hos­pi­tals still ha­ve to pay se­ve­r­al bills. The hos­pi­tals ha­ve litt­le mo­ney left to pay sup­pliers of me­di­cal sup­plies af­ter they ha­ve paid the wor­kers. Bra­him ex­plai­ned that the AZP still has to work with the pri­ces from 3.5 ye­ars ago. “Which firm can stay af­lo­at by stic­king to old pri­ces and ta­riffs? It should not co­me as a sur­pri­se when the hos­pi­tals de­mand a pri­ce hi­ke.”

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